The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers

Robert, the reason why this woman was able to dream lucid was not the “objective” consciousness - asking herself the same question - it is the SUBcosnciousness - making her ask this question … this is why it wont work if we try to “consciously” use this technique?!

here s my big TOE (theory of everything):

humans in the ordinary every day consciousness seem to not understand - that they are the tale, not the dog;

they dont understand that its not “them” being incarnated to learn and use the “subconsciousness” - it is the higher - unconscious - aspects of ourself - who is dreaming “us” - to learn; it just hurts our ego to realise - that “we” (little objective me … ) are a software, the tale, the ant - not the master …

yes we are some kind of sim character in a virtual data world - like tom campbell write is his book - but the final hint to understand is - that the physical objective personality is like a little 10cm puppy - dog on a rope:

when we try to dream lucid, we try to make our owner move another way - trying some techniques to get lucid within the dream; and yes - for a moment the supplement, the dreaminduction / OBE technique works … we jump with all our power in one direction and the owner slips . and makes one step back … until he comes back with a stronger line, a rubber line or puts us in a cage or dog school …

we are the ants, not the anthill …

kundalini experience just means that “you” become united with your real “self” - which is split into uncountable little “selfes” - it is slowly learning through us, not “us” - learning;

the chances to be lucid in a dream increase massively - if we work together with the higher aspects of ourself - then our “owner” might give us a bone every now and then …

ok I just noticed that i didnt point out the key so - sorry for all my posts - but here it is (plz read my other to posts - it is one big message)

do you find yourself reading 100+ OBE / lucid dream books and dont have lucid dreams? are you doing hemi sync, gateway experience e.g. since 1 year without significant success?? are you still thinking - is the subject we are talking about here a LD or an OBE? are you thinking of re reading all your 100+ OBE books or doing 3 instead of 2 daily hemi sync sessions???

what is the problem???

the problem is - you are identified with the dog, you want a bone, you bark, you jump up and down - you run around in the house, wee in the corner to get what you want … the owner might give you a meatball, but he will watch the footy game first and you might get the meatball later, and if you are too annoying you end up in your dogbox - locked out … :cry: not having an OBE for years …giving up;

the technique im most cases is NOT the problem:

robert monroe mentions fear … maybe
robert bruce talks about memory problems … indeed a good chance you do have OBEs / lucid dreams - but cant remember

but ask yourself - how are you feeling with all of this? :woo:

did you read “the secret” - euphorically trying to wish your beachhouse … only to realise that after 5 years you still live in a shoebox in ratrace city … you still do tapes and books, you try out OBE technique 117

Most likeley you are identified with being the little puppy dog; with your lower self;

the key is - to realise how you are feeling when you meditate, try to dream lucid or visualise your dream beach house,

realise that YOU are the dog, the owner, the rope, the house and the garden; as long as you identify with the lower self - most likeley you will get stuck in trying thousands of reality checks, wild, mild, vild … techniques, you read monroe, bruce, buhlman and still nothing happens …you do zazen, “try” to live in here and now …

I found myself having dozens of lucid dreams, OBEs and many other experiences - like having foresight, an incredible intuition and above all - I enjoyed my life to the maximum - whenever I managed to REALISE the bigger self and little “me” being within this bigger self;

the owner of the dog is a nice guy owning 10 millions of dogs - once you are aware that the real YOU is … the owner - you have control about all the meatballs instead of being the little “you” basking, jumping, running … and finally being totally exhausted …

a good sign that you are doing meditation (or any other technique) right is this kind of “feeling” connected, lucid, aware - happy; then effortless you can ask for experience and without technique it will come - or if you do “wild” technique - it might work at least sometimes …

when I finally realised this - I found myself travelling the world, lived in india, africa, all over europe and now on the most beautiful island in australia … AND I had at least quite a few amazing lucid dreams …without any effort …

Very interesting ill be sure to start trying this out thanks

I find this a great article since no method is working for me. I started doing RC’s 1 week ago and i’m doing them already without telling myself to do one. I just randomly get the urge to do a RC. The question how ever doesn’t work for me since i remember almost everything of the whole day. Thank you for the article :smile:

I like this! A simple question: what was I just doing? Ive done a similar question before: what was i just thinking about? Combined, this might just work out without having to wake up in the mid of the night! damn 1500 lucid dreams per year? thats like 4 lucid dreams per night! Does she never have normal dreams?

This question and a dream journal when I wake up in the morning or night is hopefully what will work for me.

Fantastic thread! Thanks for the tips. c:

I really enjoyed this article and I’ll certainly be trying out these excellent tips. Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the interesting comments and observations about this technique of Developing a Lucid Mindset. :content:

Obviously, it is not for everyone – but some people will discover that it works for them when practiced thoughtfully.

their frequent lucid dreaming could be traced back to persistent childhood nightmares where they learned how to achieve lucidity to deal with nightmare scenarios. In other cases, their frequent lucid dreaming seemed connected to certain waking mental habits.

He is dead on…

Fantastic post, I’m in the middle of trying to achieve this.

I’d be curious to hear if any of the earlier posters on this thread had any luck forming their “Lucid Mindset”?

Amazing stuff Robert! I have only recently begun to ask myself the same question, why do some people seem to naturally become lucid in their dreams?
This seems to be a more than fitting answer and I have been doing my best to adopt this mindset. To over analyze my entire day, throughout my entire day. It also seems to have a positive effect on my short and long term memory as well as my dream recall. Since I have been trying this I find myself not just going through my day but really experiencing each moment so that I have more information to go over when I do ask the question, What was I just doing?

Wishing all you dreamers out there the best of luck in your endeavours :happy:


I get the feeling that, “What was I just doing?” wouldn’t work for me. But I do like Wyvern’s
“Is this realistic? Why? What was I doing before to get to this point?”
since it brings the thought of a possible dream to mind first instead of the tedious review of the last hour.

Indeed, I thing THE critical question is different from a people to another, each of us has to find the one that corresponds to his personality.

As far as I’m concerned I feel frustrated because on the four LD I had (I wish I had more ! :cry: ) i jus’t don’t know with three of them how I became lucid ! For two, I was in a corridor I didn’t know and it came to my mind that I was lucid, and another one I was in my job, during a meeting, and then I just realized, without knowing why, that it was a dream (how wonderfull was this one, I jumped on the table and shouted what I thought about my colleagues :grin: )

And I said in a previous post, in the last LD, I did my RC and it didn’t work ! I realized then because the room in which I was had another wall.

To me, I think I have to be aware of the place I am and the people I am with.

Thank you for this very intersting article.

many thanks from germany :smile:

Such an awesome post, thanks it was a good read :smile:

This is my first time here and i just want to say that I’m very happy to be here and to share my opinion.

If I remember correctly, Tholey’s Combined Technique, at least as it was presented in his “Techniques for Inducing and Manipulating Lucid Dreams” in Perceptual and Motor Skills, also encouraged attempts to recall what had occurred previous to the moment of asking the critical question.
Tholey’s Combined Technique is still a favorite of mine, as it encourages an attitude critical-reflection in waking life as well in one’s dreams.

this makes a lot of sense. research neurodiversity, “schizophrenia” doesn’t have to be a bad thing :slight_smile: It can be really fun intense and deep and make you feel very connected to a different reality

Tibetan Dream Yoga essentially? Never lose a high consciousness level?

I got to remember this

There saved!