The Seventh Lucidity Challenge - Final

Sorry, Ouvres Tes Yeux, limited seating.

/me adds hunaynay

Woohoo! :woot: I will post the first task tonight at 9 PM EST, 2AM GMT. The first deadline will be the same time Sunday. (48 hours later)

And the scores stand now at:

  1. MatrixManNe0
  2. Siiw
  3. Zz
  4. Doson
  5. Magnus
  6. Mugiwara
  7. Liam_sw
  8. Recall
  9. Yohan
  10. hunaynay

0 for everyone…

Task 1: Breaking the Ice
As we are coming into winter (well most of us) I thought it would be appropriate that the first task be to an experience to break the ice. You must do exactly that, find a body of water (well ice) and break it.

The point breakdown:
Find water - 5
Freeze the water - 20
Find ice - 15
Crack the ice, but don’t break through - 15
Break through - 50
Cause a huge chain reaction or otherwise catastrophic break - 20
Break through it in an interesting way - 15 (This includes but is not limited to melting, casting a magic missile, phasing through it…)
Swim around under the ice - 10

Remember, there is a 30 point bonus for lucidity, and a 10 point bonus for doing it before the deadline.

The deadline is 2:00 AM GMT Monday, December 24.

Just a warning, only about 24 hours left. You are halfway done with the first task.

And no results…ah well, I’m sure you guys will get lucid tonight.

/me send lucid vibes to everyone.

well even though i didn’t join just saying i found water last night :tongue:


I got lucid last night!!!

I was in the my town’s main square, and I look up and see the big church on the hill, as it should be. But on the roof is that dog Toto, and it flies off the roof. :eek: That’s not right! [color=green]I must be dreaming![/color] Remembering the challenge, I look around and [color=blue]find a puddle[/color]. I jump in and find out it’s more like a deep swimming pool. Looking up, I wonder what it’d be like to be a fish swimming around in a frozen lake, since we don’t exactly get frozen lakes in Florida. :tongue: [color=blue]I make a thin layer of ice appear[/color] on the surface. (Nothing interesting happening, this was a very realistic dream.) But oh no! Some fellow swimmers on the surface are trapped in the ice! So [color=blue]I swam up[/color] really quickly like a dolphin or something and[color=blue] shattered the thin ice with my head. [/color]

At that point my mind said "ok, challenge done, now to do that Animal Clan task! :content: "

And the scores stand now at:

  1. hunaynay - 125
  2. MatrixManNe0
  3. Siiw
  4. Zz
  5. Doson
  6. Magnus
  7. Mugiwara
  8. Liam_sw
  9. Recall
  10. Yohan

Task 2: Search for the Holiday Dragon
Oh no! It’s raining, windy, and foggy. Not even Rudolph will be able to guide Santa this time. What shall we do?

Wait I know, the Holiday Dragon can help! His wings are stronger than Rudolph’s magic, and his fire-breath is brighter than Rudolph’s nose. We now must embark to find him and save Christmas!
I should write a childrens’ book…
The point breakdown:
Search for a dragon - 5
Find a (nonholiday) dragon - 10
Find the Dragon of another holiday - 20
Find the Holiday Dragon - 50
Send the Holiday Dragon to the North Pole (but don’t accompany him) - 15
Bring the Holiday Dragon to the North Pole - 25
Send the other dragons to the North Pole - 5
Bring the other dragons to the North Pole - 15
Meet Santa - 20

Remember, there is an up to 30 point bonus for lucidity, and a 10 point bonus for doing it before the deadline. (Which means you can still do Task 1, but without the Bonus.)

I would also appreciate a discription of the dragon(s) you find, as best as possible :tongue: I’m curious to see what people will find :colgate:

The deadline is 2:00 AM GMT Wednesday, December 26.

It really is rainy and foggy around here, and warm. Slightly depressing just before Christmas. :xmas:

Good luck everyone. :dragon:

I wasn’t in a good position for the last one, but I’m gonna go all out on this one for sure. :razz:

Tried to find ice last night.
For the very first time i tried HILD, it was intresting.
After RC i realize that I am in a dream - in my bed. Now what? Exciting! I should…Oh no, its too exciting, the dream is fadeing away, I should quickly rub my hands. It didn’t work :wiske:, I woke up and went back to sleep, then I had a ND without any fun with ice :sad:.
I hope i have better luck with ze dragoooon.

no ice, no dragon yet…but i got some big nasty light eating spiders, does that count? :tongue: maybe i should lay off the fantasy stories before sleeping.

Sorry Siiw :tongue: I’m not thinking so.

Unfortunately I will be out tonight at the time of the deadline. I will try my best to post the scores and the next task on time, but I can’t make any promises. It will most likely be late, probably no more than 2 hours.

It’s a shame only 10 people allowed brother, otherwise I would have to board. :content: Good luck none the less, sounds like a motivator. ^_<

And the scores stand now at:

  1. hunaynay - 125
  2. Yohan - 10
  3. MatrixManNe0
  4. Siiw
  5. Zz
  6. Doson
  7. Magnus
  8. Mugiwara
  9. Liam_sw
  10. Recall

Task 3: Fly Around the World
Well it’s pretty straight forward. Yet round…
Your task is to fly around the world!

The point breakdown:
Attempt to fly, but fail - 5
Fly for only a short distance - 10
Fly a great distance, but not around the world - 20
Fly around the world - 60
Race and beat other flying things - 10 (each, up to 5 races)
Meet Santa on the way - 10
Race and beat Santa - 15
Do it all in one “night” - 10

Remember, there is an up to 30 point bonus for lucidity, and a 10 point bonus for doing it before the deadline. (Which means you can still do Task 1 and Task 2, but without the Bonus.)

The deadline is 2:00 AM GMT Friday, December 28.

this time i am actually awake when you announce the task…

/me goes to sleep with the image of a globe in her head

No luck with the dragon task… but I’ll keep trying! :content:

No lucid dreams yet and no luck with the other tasks, but this task I will finish!
I will have a lucid dream tonight :content:

Had an ND, with limited success.

It was daytime, probably summer by the looks of it. I was strapped onto this bird-shaped kite frame and was flying around above a big lake. Then I started flying away from the lake and past multiple cities. But once the sun started setting and it got colder, the wind stopped blowing and I couldn’t fly anymore, so I had to land before I got around the world. :sad:

(I landed near a house, not mine IRL, but I went inside and started pestering my dad to lend me his laptop so I could post this before the deadline :content: )

I post my whole lucid dream here :smile: .

I was going to get a boy to the police station but he kept running away everytime I got him near the car. When I finally got him into the car he ran away again even though it was locked. He ran to a huge stone that had a big hole in the middle, filled with water.
He: I can’t eat your food! :sad:
Me: I know, it’s a disease. When you drink the water, your body don’t get rid of the bad things like dust and germs.
He: Eeeewww, how do you know all this?
He was now completely made of water

Me: I’ve had a similar dream before :content:
We went towards a bush with no leaves. From the branches there were hanging waterdrops shaped like balls. I took one of them.
Me: Wonder what I should do now?

Before I could think of it my lucidity disappeared and I decided that I would travel to the world named candyworld. Which in my twon is a giant candystore, but in my dream it was a world.

Scene changes

I’m in my room. My sisters, Malin and Maria, are running around looking for something. I follow them and I though that something was strange so I did a RC. I looked at my clock 3 times and it showed 13:30, 13:19 and then 13:25 so I figured that I must have been dreaming. Then when my sister Malin walked out of the room with a afro on her head I really knew I was dreaming.

Scene changes

I’m in my room. My cellphone is glowing red and my bed is on the other side of the room so I knew instantly that I was dreaming. I walk to the balcony. The sun is shining and I can feel the warmth and I can see the blue sky. I look at the sky for a while and it changes its colour to a lighter blue. I fly away and I fly over a tree. I keep rising until I can see the whole earth then I decide to fly back. I’m under the clouds now and I can see only trees. I have no idea where I am but clearly no one lives here.

/me looks at her dj notes: washing gems out of sea sand, quarantined in a supermarket, elven home movie set and other people’s photos…:no:

I unfortunately have some where to be at 2AM GMT, so I am posting the new task a little early. The bonus for Task 3 is still available until 2 AM GMT, though.

And the scores stand now at:

  1. hunaynay - 145
  2. Mugiwara - 50
  3. Yohan - 10
  4. MatrixManNe0
  5. Siiw
  6. Zz
  7. Doson
  8. Magnus
  9. Liam_sw
  10. Recall

Task 4: “With Stars in His Eyes”
Want to be a jukebox hero? (With stars in your eyes)
Well, here’s your big chance! Go out there and show them what you’ve got!

The point breakdown:
Practice alone/warm up alone (no audiance)- 5
Attempt to play an instrument*, but make no music or get boo’d- 5 (sympathy)
Play a song with a band, real or improvised - 10 (each, upto 5 songs)
Perform a solo in a song - 10 (each, only 1 per song)
Perform a song with NO accompaniment - 20 (each, upto 5 songs)
Be asked to perform an encore - 10
Be challenged to a competition, and win - 20

*Note - I will count vocals as an instrument. All must be performed in front of an audiance.

Remember, there is an up to 30 point bonus for lucidity, and a 10 point bonus for doing it before the deadline. (Which means you can still do the previous tasks, but without the Bonus.)

The deadline is 2:00 AM GMT Sunday, December 30.