The trick to mastering Everyday Lucidity

Hi guys,
Now let’s dive straight in as many of you guys know it is extremely hard to lucid dream everyday in fact only a select few can do it without though training. But there is a way it steeply improve your lucid dreaming with in days. And that is to simply to be aware, really aware while awake. You know the standard lucid dreaming technique of reality checking is not actually caused be reality checking 90% of the time it is in fact something that triggers you to do a reality check by BECOMING aware and this is the key to this technique.

Where to start?

Now this is the idea of this technique it really does not have a name so I will refer it as the technique. First when you wake up look around your room try hard to spot any diffrences this straight always helps with FA and it does not hurt to do a reality check. Now as you walk down your corridor or were ever you go actually pay attention to your footsteps how does it feel or sound? Look out your windows and just see if anything is wrong constantly try to prove you are dreaming but of course your not but try really hard because this improves you awareness. Now when you talk to someone or even hear someone talking make sure it makes sense and not what you would expect. When you see words look away and look back and see if they have changed or if they make sense. I think you get the idea question if this is a dream while awake in your mind and physically. Now try not to blank out in the day and basically just feel stuff rub your hands on wood and feel the temperature of the water, by now you must get the idea.

What you will notice
you will begin to notice a change in dream recall you will remember your dreams because you were more aware there. And how this will help with lucidity is when you rub your hand up a tree and fell the texture you will either notice something strange and become lucid or you might become aware while doing it and realise that you are in fact in the dream world.

Good luck guys

Nice post, rustydreamer. This goes along nicely with Robert Waggoner’s The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers article. I read his post the day I experienced my second LD so I firmly believe that both you and he are on to something fundamental.

What’s cool is that this is a more interesting, engaged way to live life. A bonus of this sort of mindset is that you stop taking all the little, wonderful things about reality for granted. Stopping to take a look at the world around you, listening to those little ambient noises that we tune out, feeling the sun on your face… this is a great way to experience external reality.

LD is about making the most of your dream time. And the methods that you and Mr. Waggoner suggest also help you make the most of your waking time.

I’ll definitely take these suggestions to heart. Thanks for the post.

Great guide for everyone to read, i actually learned a few things about lucid living. I would want more similar guides from you sir!

Sounds like personalized “all day awerness”. If its worked for you then more power to ya haha

This… is… awesome! I’m definitely goin’ to try this!

Glad you like it guys I am more than confident you will love this when you try it just remember it can take up to 2 weeks to come in to affect but normally 5 days, by the way guys if you want to learn to lucid dream you should check out my channel I will post a link soon any questions welcome!

One aspect of Lucid Living is to actually become familiar with how reality feels.
This is how I personally practice Lucid Living - instead of necessarily asking myself whether I’m dreaming or not, I often try to get a feel for reality and how exactly it feels to be awake;
this will allow me to more easily recognize a dream, because lucid dreams can be extremely realistic and make you unsure whether you really are dreaming or not, but if you have an excellent feel for reality you will be able to recognize subtle differences.
Remember, the trick in recognizing a lucid dream is not only in what they look like, but also how they feel.

Good point @laurelindo what ever works best for you I guess, and by the way this is very similar to how you described it but instead of you just improving your changes of a lucid dream if you can realise you are dreaming this aims to bring the awareness into a dream were there was little or nothing there to start off and that is how reality checks work but this is about 15X better than reality checking.

Great thinking, LL is what started me LDing nightly. first it just worked then for some reason it didnt now i just LD all the time, but hey, its good so why bother wondering?

Anyways, Great post, some detail but it truly is hard to understand it completely ^^

well, this is, like, umm, constant reality checking?

I’m always a big fan of All Day Awareness and its variants. I think, as Lucid Wolf said, that it not only improves LDing chances but enriches waking life. A lot of people suggest this sort of mindfulness as a cure to stress and worry.

A problem I have with is that a large amount of my daily activities require full attention and concentration. For example, working and playing video games. Is anyone here so versed in the skill of awareness that they can maintain it even whilst engulfed in something like that? I find it easy now to be aware whilst out on a walk or taking a shower, but not when doing something that requires proper concentration. Does it just take practice?

Not really, it’s more like a lifestyle that you make a habit.
You are supposed to be extra aware of things that happen around you and really observe things, listen to things and be present in the moment with all your senses.
If you practice this for a few weeks it will become second nature.

I have this problem also. I don’t know if it’s possible to constantly be aware of your surrpundings and such when engaged in such a demanding task as kicking ass in Call of Duty…I saw a show on Frontline about multitasking in modern day life. Some researchers at…MIT? Stanford? conducted a study to see how well students who were constantly multitasking in their everyday lives and considered themselves good at it could actually do it. The study found that they were actually much more effective at completing tasks when their concentration was undivided.

So at present the solution I am attempting to cultivate is to just break away from the game or other task periodically and take note of my state.

I think that awareness/ADA/LL or whatever you want to call it will become not only a habit, but sort of your second nature and something you don’t need to think about, like breathing. I’ve come up with an analogy, it may not be right but I think it fits. As a kid, you are having a hard time learning how to ride a bike, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s one of the easiest things in the world. You don’t need to think about keeping your balance, or which leg needs to move now. You just do it, and ride your bike as if it never was difficult for you. Maybe the same applies to LL.

The hardest thing about ADA is to actually keep motivated to do it as much as possible.
For some reason it’s sometimes very hard to keep that genuine feeling of excitement, so you find yourself doing ADA a few minutes at a time and losing track of it.

I’ve in fact started practicing it a week ago sort of. Whenever I get the chance, I try to live as if it were a dream. It’s actually fun to do, and I noticed that I do it more often now than before.

ok this does seem like a good plan I guess, but would it take a lot of time away from everyday activities? like would you always have to be focusing on every little detail during your waking life and not have time to pay attention to other things?

No offense intended, but your advice sounds rather (a lot) like nothing more than LL. Practically, what you are suggesting is just mentally RC’ing. Of course, this does help in detecting FA’s, but there is nothing new to it.

There is no such thing as ‘the trick’ for mastering LD’ing (and any other skill). Of course, most tips work on most people, but if one doesn’t customize their own path by their own self and thus make everything appropriate for themselves, one won’t get too far. In other words, everybody has different ‘approaching’ ways.

Just as someone posted earlier, the LL ‘technique’ of constantly checking reality has already been debated and clarified in detail by Robert Waggoner and also by a lot of articles from people around.

Cheers :smile:

Ok so there has been A LOT of questions lately about this being annoying when playing video games and all that stuff. Well when I said do this all the time you can still find time to lose reality a bit, just not to much and if you are playing a first person shooter you can read the name tags and see if they make sense just to keep awareness. And another question about this being difficult to start off just build it up gradually until it comes as if you have been doing it for your whole life.
Anymore questions are welcome :happy: