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Could we set up a lucid dreaming wiki? I’m happy to set it up and get some standards written. The problem is trudging through the forum (even with Search) to find relevant posts, and also sometimes having to read really badly punctuated passages (this annoys some people!)

As I said, I’de love to get it set up and write a bit. Any preferences on which wiki we should use? I’ve made a basic one…

Edit: Just go to about three-quarters down this page of this topic (post on ‘Mon Jan 19, 2004 8:30 pm’) to go to the Lucid dreaming wikibook! (It’s at - the second link in my signature)

What is a wiki? :confused:

Is it like our dictionary for common terms that are used for lucid dreaming. The URL is found in my signature, or HERE. Also, integrated into the forum are “bubbles” that explain the terms in the dictionary. Terms such as: WILD, LD, MILD, and REM create a bubble of information if you hover your mouse over these acronyms.

That only explains a bit about it - it doesn’t say how to induce WILD, MILD etc. It’s an editable set of articles (dictionary, encyclopaedia, whatever) which, well, anybody can edit. A bad guide to WILD grows incrementally to be a very good one. Each article receives a web page and each term is written like this: [[Reality Checks]]. This makes the words “Reality Checks” a link to the article about them.

Ah, and I forgot to mention: Any change is logged and anybody can revert it. So if somebody replaces a whole page with “u r gay” anybody can go through the history and undo that change.

wow, while investigating on what a “wiki” is, I came across this link:

at the bottom, they made the very smart decision to list got 3rd place.

pasQuale added that link I believe. Search for wiki.

I added the extra description and the whole ‘how-to’ section! Go me! :wink:

wow, indeed! Go you!! :happy:
Should there be two Wiki’s?
Or do you have an idea for another one.
Either way, I say go for it full speed ahead!

Sorry to sound ignorant on the topic. I’m just now learning what a wiki is. (and still giggle a bit when I say it out loud. :tongue: wiki wiki :lmao: )

:happy: no it was not me who added that link, happy to hear ld4all is number 1 :content:

There are loads of wikis all over the place. There’s wikipedia, wikibooks (textbooks), wiktionary (dictionary), wikitravel (travel guide)…

There are plenty of “unofficial” wikis too. Some author fansites collect info about characters in a wiki. has a Diana Wynne Jones wiki.

I doubt wikipedia would like us flooding them with articles about “Nose RC”, “Breathing RC” and “Bladder Induced Lucid Dreaming”. So perhaps we can start a small one?

hmm… wikidreams has a cool sound to it :smile: wikilucidity?

how does that start then? do you have to start a wiki site?

i think we can complile a great wiki with all the info we have on the forum!

lol, thanks for the compliment :wink:

Actually I like the idea behind wikis very much, and I think it would be nice if there was a “LD4all wiki”, I am just not very used to it yet.


:cool: Sounds like a great idea, exspecially for people knew to lucid dreaming. I’m sure everyone here will help out, myself included

DA: That is fun! Wiki, wiki, wiki… :lol:

ah ha! :wink: … nooo, thank you. :content:

Neo: :lol: we sound like bad rappers.

r3m0t, If you get something started I’ll try to add what I can when time permits. At the moment I feel like I have spread myself thin, and seem to be juggling too many projects already. Sounds like a great idea though!

By the way, a wiki’s name doesn’t have to start with wiki. Or have wiki in it. It could well be the “Lucid Dreaming Wiki” or “ld4all wiki”.

But I had an idea - it could be shared with some of the larger websites about astral projection, shared dreaming, near-death experiences, etc.

On the main page it could have a few links (“Lucid dreaming”, “Astral projection” etc) which could have more (“Reality Checks”, “Dreamsigns”, “Dream journal”, “Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming”…)

I will try to set up a wiki ASAP (which isn’t very soon because I am not allowed on the computer at home until Saturday. Hopefully, though, I’ll get it started earlier.) I’ll post the URL and send pasQuale a username and password as an administrator!

sounds cool r3m0t :smile:

i don’t know how much diskspace a wiki takes up but i can host it on ld4all and make a domain for it :smile:

I’ve set up a list of terms at You can nick loads of terms from there, they are all ordered alphbeticly.

I hope the encyclopedia will look better than my website, and that the game doesn’t cause a problem. (On my website)

After some consideration I have decided to custom make a wiki. I’ll post with progress later.

After some more consideration I have decided not to custom make a wiki. Instead I have started a Lucid dreaming wikibook with what I think is a fairly good plan. A super-short explanation of how to edit anything follows:

[code]Click the “Edit this page” link at the bottom or on the left side of the page. Then just type in whatever you want wherever you want. Here are the codes:

==Big heading==


Horizontal rule follows:

‘‘italics’’ or ‘’‘bold’’’

Read more about [[LD Dream Recall|dream recall]]. (link)

I recommend you sign up - it’s very simple :wink: - before making major contributions.

Sounds like a nifty idea. Do you have to sign up in order to make additions to page? Not that I have anything against signing up. :smile:

They never send you any emails etc. and all you need to put in is username and password (not even email!).

But yes, you can edit anonymously. If you don’t mind your IP address showing up that is. Of course, signing up is basically anonymous, without even an email address…

bump have done a bit more work on it. Too early to estimate how much is completed though. :sad: