Thiking you're dreaming when youre not

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I know that most people the case is you think youre in RL but youre dreaming but what if it was the other way around? Thankfully, it never happened to me :tongue: ,
but imagine if it did happen. You would be like, hey everyone I can fly!, and you would likely be branded a lunatic and probably sent to prison if you did something bad because you thought it was a dream. What do you think about that?

i think that would be disheartening, is it even possible?

If you think you’re dreaming while you’re IRL, you probably have mental issues…

Keep a RC handy for that :wink: otherwise that seems pretty hard to me, lucid dreamers develop the ability to discern between dreams and reality, so it makes pretty much tougher to fall into such tricks :tongue:

Impossible, I always make sure Im dreaming through RC’s :tongue:

Its like toxcy says, the SC knows if youre IRL or dreaming :wink: (Im not saying that you consciously are aware youre dreaming :peek: )

Wow, people, you are taking this pretty seriously :content:

He knows that won’t happen…he’ just like ‘‘what if…imagine’’…so, this is more like a playground topic.

I think people would be VERY embarrassed if they did all the weird stuff because they thought they were dreaming.

Well, I have had it happen to me in lds quite often - where even though I thought I might be lucid I was not 100% certain and thought I would just take a gamble on it anyway. Thankfully, in those times I have actually been dreaming. But, in those moments, I could quite imagine the consequences if I was not dreaming… yet my psychology allows me to act and do what ever I feel like anyway. Wow… i am such a rebel! :neutral:

The funny thing is… in reality we never suspect we are dreaming, but in dreams we will suspect it is not reality - never the other way around. I think the only reason we don’t suspect our dreams aren’t real is because of a mask the SC puts on our mind.

If dream things happened in reality we wouldn’t go along with it for a second the way we do in dreams.

I heard about some people experiencing/thinking reality is a dream, i think it was a thread about it here aswell.

I wouldn’t say ‘never’ suspect we are dreaming in reality. Its important to find things in reality that will test if you are dreaming. For instance, one day I was in Pitt St. Mall in Sydney, Australia. Middle of the day, hundreds of people just milling about shopping etc, and then from out of nowwhere about 12 (what appeared to be random) people joined in a circle and started doing the hokey pokey dance in the middle of this public place! It was very odd and I had to question if I was dreaming. Of course I concluded I wasn’t dreaming - but if I had concluded I was dreaming… well… things might not have gone so well for the hokey pokey!
Well, that was quite the case of shizophrenia anyway, plus he did know on the inside he wasn’t really dreaming, as he asked his friend for help.

I’ve almost done something stupid IRL just becuase I thought it was a dream. I used to be almost like living two lives for a while. A waking life, and a sleeping life. I’d prefer it to be like this all the time, but currently I’m 99.99% RL, and .01% Dream. If you can get closer to a 50 50, then you are more conscious of the possibility if you are dreaming, regardless of RL or Dream world.

I’ve failed a RC, while awake!

One of my common ones is to reread a piece of text three times. I was in the shower, and something felt funny (just woke up, still groggy), thought I better RC in case it’s a FA (or more accurately, to train my dreaming self to RC in FA scenarios). Well, the words on the shampoo bottle changed before my eyes three times in a row!!!

Turned out, it was water running over it in droplets, distorted the letters and made them change before my eyes. :smile:

:eek: Bear with me here: What if you had a dream that you were in real life and you thought you were dreaming, but instead of becoming lucid you just looked like a maniac in front of everyone. Food for thought, and maybe kinda dumb but i just thought i’d put in my two cents :tongue:

oh and while i’m here i figured i’d post something interesting that occurred last night (rather very early this morning). I awoke and immediately looked at my hands and began to count my fingers as a reality check and, though i knew i was awake, i couldn’t seem to count five fingers on one hand. The total kept coming to 4 so i finally just fell back asleep. I guess this just happened because i had just woke up from a very heavy sleep and i was pretty delirious but it got me kinda excited for a few seconds :tongue: how crazy would it be if i was actually LD’ing though and the dream was just so vivid that i believed it to be reality.

One time when I was lucid I was going to shout and do some things to try to maintain lucidity, but I hesitated because I was worried maybe I WASNT dreaming and I’d look like a fool in front of everyone.

Hah that’s pretty funny :smile: Lucid dreams, or really just dreams in general, are just so odd.

I’ve done that, Sliph! I’ve been afraid to yell out, thinking I might really be awake.

Another time, my dream started with me drinking beer. I couldn’t get myself fully lucid for the rest of the dream because I kept attributing my failed RCs to being drunk! I kept thinking everyone would laugh at me, since I thought I was dreaming, but really I had just drank too much. :smile: