Thinkin' of getting a Dream Maker

Hey everyone.
I’m thinking of getting a Dream Maker, its like the next generation Nova Dreamer. I’m confident this would help me a lot, or at least provide some neat dream imagery :content:
Have any of you guys had successes of failures with a device like this? I wanna get some input before I make a purchase.

If you looked a little down the page…

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As you know, I think it needs more research and testing. I already sold mine. Others could have better luck, you never know.


It’ll be a while before I have the cash anyway, so I may change my mind, you never know :content:

What I think about this…is you should only buy one if you are really really desperate and lazy. lol. It costs way too much money for you to buy one…when you could just learn how to LD on your own, which would be FREE. Plus…you don’t have that 100% gurantee that it will work, like pheon stated…so it could just be a waste of your money and time. All in all, you should just try and learn LDing on your own, well unless you have tons of money to spend…

The dream maker won’t really help with laziness. You still have to train yourself to recognize the cues the dream maker gives you and some times the cues are not all that obvious. Remember the dream maker does not give you lucid dreams. It is just a tool that may or may not help you.

Anyway there is already a topic on this. DreamMaker - the new novadreamer

Actually BenDrummin58, I have quite successfully been a lucid dreamer on my own in the past, and I’m confident I will again on my own within the next few monthes. :smile:
Like milod789 said, its a tool you need to learn how to use, and I’m quite curious about learning how to use it, so to me, I think it’d be money well spent. If I didn’t like it I’d just sell it on ebay or something.

I have mentioned this in lots of the novadreamer threads but, I will post here as well.

You can simply hook up a strobe light to a timer and get basically the same results. Now you don’t get rem detection so you will have to play with it a bit to set the timing right but that is a small price to pay when you consider how much the dream maker costs. The strobe light and timer will cost you less than 50 bucks.

There is no reason to pay that ridiculous price especially since with a little creativity you can produce the same effects at a far lower cost. You could also hook a tape or cd player to the timer as well and now you have a light and sound machine.

I agree with the strobe light theory. I am currently experimenting with that set up.

After a number of adjustments and light alterations, the only remaining problem I have is that the strobe light makes a rather noticable “clicking noise” when it cycles on. I have yet to sleep through it.

I’ve tried hanging thick sweaters and cloths over the light box, but it doesn’t muffle noise sufficiently.

I’m convinced that once I can eliminate the noise issue, this will be an excellent way to induce lucids.

Any suggestions?

Now that you mention it Milod789, I think I’ve need plans for a home made system like a Nova Dreamer on the internet. I’ll see if I can find them again.

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