This is actuly a really good idea

Jake_Drummer first said this, but he said it would be a good idea to tell some DC’s to remind him when he is dreaming so he can become lucid more often. Do any of you think this will work?

Confidence is the strongest tool in LD’s, if you believe it will work, it will work.

Well it’ll only help boost your confidence, since DCs arent real people, they’re just a part of you. They dont really have a mind or memory of their own and they cant tell you something you dont already know. But what do you have to lose anyway? Just give it a try and see if it works :grin:

hahaha thanks for quoting me
and yes i made this up because i thought if they are little cells in your mind then they will be there forever (unless you stupid and constantly hit your head) so that and flying are my to do list =]

I actually think there’s a technique for this. Sometimes I tell my SG to remind me. He usually keeps to his word. :smile:

I don’t intend to criticize, but I’d just like to point out that this has been suggested many times before. I think it’s called an LILD, because you use a lucid dream to do something that will induce another lucid dream.

I think it’s also called CALD. (Character Assisted Lucid Dream)

Here’s the link. [Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III)

CALD is a technique that breaks off of DILD.

DILD: dream induced lucid dream. This includes dreamsigns telling you to do an RC, and DCs doing the same (or SGs O_O). CALD is a more complex (and more fun, IMO) bersion of DILD

I have had DC tell me that it was a dream once before and just recently one reminded me to spin to keep lucidity so occasionally DC can be useful but i don’t think i would count on them. what would be more effective is to have people in your life ask you are you dreaming often so hopefully in a dream a person could ask you and you do a RC and bam you are LD’ing

Well, when I get Lucid again it will be on my to do list, close ot the top near the quest for this moon =]

Could work, wouldn’t hurt to try, right?