This was an LD right? Questions

Okay so last night I had a dream where I was on a beach. I the. Realized I was dreaming and decided to teleport by spinning. I landed a hundred yards away. I went into this hut where I made out with this girl. But this LD didn’t feel like I was in control if I was I would have done something else instead of that. It felt like a normal dream where your subconscious is controls the dream instead of your mind like an LD. Is there anyway I can change the way of this dream cause these dreams keep happening

If you knew you were dreaming, then you were lucid. Because you said so in the begining that you knew you were dreaming, that leads me to believe that you were lucid.

If you didn’t know you were dreaming, but acted as if you knew, you were having a false lucid dream (FLD).

Hope this helps!

Do you have a goal in your lucid dreams? Sometimes a clear goal is the best lucid-heightener.

Otherwise, maybe you can decide on a word for the clearing of the cobwebs between your dream-self’s mind and your conscious mind. If you don’t think that word, you’ll know that you probably weren’t lucid, especially if you suggest to yourself that you shouldn’t do any lucid activities until you think that word?

Low-lucidity, simple as that. You were lucid, but not completely. You knew you were dreaming, but couldn’t act on it because you were, well, still unconscious-ish.

Right. This sounds like a lucid dream, but your level of lucidity was quite low. I myself get them at times.

Cab someone explain this to me? Last night as I was falling asleep I was MILDing "the next time I dream I will realize I’m dreaming all of a sudden. I’m asleep. I knew I was asleep because I instanty entered SP. And my eyelids felt heavy. But I heard this buzzing sound so it was SP. But someone explain how to me how I can get better at doing this. It could really help me LD

Sounds to me like you’d be a natural at WILDing. Was your focus very clear? If so, WILD may be a good choice for you. Combining that MILD mantra with WILD may be easier for you.

Here’s a guide that may help you understand which technique is right for you. Also, here’s a tutorial on WIlD.

Keep practicing! It will get easier! Good luck! :content:

Well I have tried WILD and haven’t been very good at it. But I don’t know how I recognized that I was actually asleep. That’s a first

Really? :content: Well then congrats!

Since that’s the case, I think you should just keep preservering with MILD.

Someone explain this, i had another LD last night, but i didn’t feel in control or anything, it felt like another routine, how can i change this? Here is the quote of my dream in my DJ: