thought commands

hello guys !

I’ve had quite a few LD’s so far but I am confronted to a little disappointment.
I’ve read and experienced that if you want to make something happen in a LD it’s so much effective to say it out loud or think it like ( I want the cloud to go away ! ) than just thinking it/ expecting it to happen.

It’s a little disappointing because i want to keep LDing my whole life and become really good at it. It would be so much better to control like I think rather than like I ask for it.

Do you have any tips for me or personal experience wich might help?

Hey there! I understand your frustration! I am working on the same things in my dreams and let me give you a little hint that has been working for me.

Instead of looking at the cloud and “telling” it or saying out loud that you want it to go away try to turn away from the cloud or not look directly at it. Then think to yourself something like “When I turn around that cloud will be gone”

For example, I always want to fly but there always seems to be a roof over my head. So I have tried yelling at it… didn’t work. However whenever I try turning away, looking down and then willing or thinking to myself that the roof will be gone…POOF the roof is gone and I can see the night sky.

Thank you for your answer,

My problem isn’t about the boundries of what i can do, it’s more the way i do it wich is the problem. But it is still the same problem : We both have to use a technique in order to do what we want.

I would like to be able to make thing happen by just wanting them to happen.
For example, it would feel more natural to make a sword appear in my hand when i just need one rather than having to stop and focus on the task of doing so.

And that would make the dream kind of “less real”.

I hope that with much practice it might be easy. But some hints would be great :smile:

Be careful what you wish for. If you can make things happen by expecting them to happen, than if for some reason you become nervous and think something bad might happen, it will. This has happened to me many times! :confused:

From what I’ve read, actively controlling your dream that way can certainly make it more intense, but might destabilize it as well. In that, it makes you more aware that it’s all fake. “Passive” dream control supposedly helps you immerse into the dream and stabilize/believe in it a bit more.

There’s a dream control training thread on here somewhere. Try doing a search for it! I haven’t done much with it, but it’s in the back of my mind for when I get more practiced at inducing LDs.

Found a link:

good luck :smile:

thank you, I’ll have a look.
I just hope that it is possible to be able to control dream that way even if it takes a lot of time. :wink:

i’ve had quite a few LD’s (less then 10),but i had a chance to experiment a little with changing different things with your thoughts. You dont need to shout or anything. Just thinking and believing in your thoughts is actually enough. The only thing that can stop you is your own hesitations.