thoughts on visualsation, memory and the mind

I have some questions regarding the mind and how we visualise and use memory and i was hoping if anyone had some answers.

When i was a kid my teacher said to me. How do i think? I cannot remember what i replied back, but i remember her saying that you should think in cartoons it makes everything easier to remember, and by thinking in cartoons you can remeber things like a movie reel. Then from that day on i was developing a sort of movie reel in my mind and then it went from a cartoon like to the every day looking images that my eyes pick up.

Now i do not know if this next bit means i have a photographic memory but i will tell you, sometimes i am able to see something for a while on TV. Like a few days ago it happend and i was watching the Tennis and as i am writing this i can still see the image in my mind even though i only saw it for 30 seconds i believe because on the tv it looks big it is easier to remember. I was watching the womens final in tennis on the olympics and there was mauresmo playing this belgium women i cannot remeber her name, but i do remember this image in my mind, which was telling me how many aces and doble faults had happend in their game, and the total percentage between the two, and i can tell you that just by me thinking about the room i was in.

Anyway when i was at school many years ago, there was this sweedish boy sitting next to me just before the Geography exam and he told me to test him on this table to do with the exam and he handed me the table and he faced the other way and started reading what was off the table and i was saying if it was correct or not and constanty he was getting everything word perfect in that chart and i was blown away and said what is it, do you have a photographic memory? but he would not tell me his secret but it was amazing and i believe it was a photographic memory.

The human mind is capable of so much, I also have a few questions, i would like to know if this is normal, i always wanted to ask because i believe that sometimes the way my mind operates is a bit above normal and that is why maybe i feel depleted of energy because my brain has to process so much more. Okay what i am trying to say is this.
When i think about something i see it with perfect clarity in my mind but it feels projected infront of me, it’s hard to describe. I also can get lost in my thought because i have incredible visualisation skills but the problem is when i put it towards obe or lucid dream development it becomes a lot harder, but in general i can basically be somewhere and during that moment in my mind, during that basic day dream it feels just as real as when i am in the late part of my dream you know the part when it has been about 6-7 hours of sleep and you are in your final really long REM stage where it feels so real, well that is the exact feeling i get when i get lost in my thoughts and also when i just think about something.

So is all this energy power depleting me and is this normal or is the way in which i think is ultra amazing or the same as anyone else?

Well this brings me to the end of this thread, i hope i have not bored you too much and i hope that someone could answer my question.

Thank you and all the best regards.


I think you have above normal visualization abilities and photographic memory. Most of people don’t have these skills.
But in my opinion, you don’t use them correctly : it’s probably all your daydreaming which makes you feel depleted of energy. You have to control your visions and not be controlled by them ; to choose the time when you want to visualize and not be lost in random thoughts.
The best would be that these skills were used in a more creative way. Why not to use them in drawing and painting ? A lot of painters would be jealous of such skills. If you don’t like art, they can also be useful in meditation. The important thing is that you volontarily choose when and what you want to visualize. In this way, your energy would be channeled and not lost.
Of course, you can use it in LD development too. Pedro explained a technique (Visualization Induced Lucid Dreaming or VILD) which you can easily master with your skills.
You can find information about it on this topic :
[url]The BIG VILD Topic - Part I]