tips for achieving SP?

Spelling errors? ‘Choking’ not ‘chocking.’ Hehe. Kidding, bro. Well congrats. :smile: The ‘choking’ part comes because your breathing becomes shallow when you sleep. You might feel like you’re not getting enough of the good O-2, but you are, so yeah, ignore that the next time.

What you did is basically beginning to WILD. Pretty easy huh? If you really wanna get SP, try WBTB too, cos it’s just as effective as WILD-ing stacked with WBTB.

I haven’t attempted either SP or WILD lately cos I’ve been freaked out. I hate the basement. Especially as big and empty (well, it’s full of CRAP really) as it is and I’m in the farthest corner of it with the stairs on the opposite side… I dunno, I just don’t like it. Can’t wait til it gets light out at 6:00 Am and I can open my window, I’ll be WILD-ing all the time. :good:

sleep paralysis happens more often for me if i go to bed when i’m not too tired, spend a while thinking intensely about something worthy of concern, or go to sleep lying on my back with my head slightly raised. it always happens an hour or so after i go to sleep, though - never later than that.

groan, havent been able to SP yet. bla. hmmmm focusing on my body might do the trick then. i shall do that tonight and post results…if any…in the morning.

SP is the only reason I’m reluctant to try any of this. I think if I were in the Sleep Paralysis situation I’d have a massive heart attack. Jesus Christ.

Hey Shelly, welcome to the forum.

Don’t be too alarmed and worried on SP, it’s not as bad as the stories make you believe (since it’s only as bad as you make yourself believe). I’d suggest to read more on this in the Big SP and Old Hag topic if you havent done so:

sweet, got the falling feeling again last night and this time a little buzzing in my body. then fell asleep cuz i was so tired :tongue: