Tips for conjuring objects

So I became lucid in my room but the dream started getting fuzzy. I heard somewhere that you could conjure some pills and use those pills to do other things. Flying pills, animal pills etc… but when I tried to make it it just kind of was this floating vibrating blur of white. Idk any tips for conjuring objects

If you want to obtain something small like pills, then what has worked well for me in the past is to reach into my pockets and just grab it from there.

But before you go and start using tricks to summon pills which are supposed to be a trick to help you to achieve something instrumental like unblurrying the dream, I warmly advise you to reflect upon this topic, first:

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Intent and emotion are your key, as they are the drivers. Feel what you want before thinking to hard on what it should be, the rest will after that fall into place

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for me i can summon money to buy food. I just tell myself it is in my pocket. I had a short lucid dream last night!