Tips for Reality Checks?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can share some tips on establishing a good “routine” so to speak for reality checking, because I’m struggling with this aspect. I’m obviously RC’ing when I wake up and randomly throughout the day when I think to, but it’s nowhere near enough yet to transfer into my dreams. What has helped you to remember to RC when you’re busy during the day, at work, or just when occupied with the every day?


Hello DreamMystic!

I would advise you to take a quiet moment in the morning, before the busyness begins, and you plan ahead when and where you wish to RC. For example, you might tell yourself to RC when you go out of the house, when you arrive at work and before leaving work. This works best if you can actually imagine yourself doing these RCs at the moment you set the intention. You might even want to write it down, if that helps. You’ll probably forget some (most) of them at the beginning, but it will definitely improve with time. Plus, you can still RC every time you happen to think about it.

But the most crucial thing in my opinion is not quantity but quality. Performing a RC mechanically won’t do. Try and develop a “lucid mindset”, to really bring a critical question about the nature of your experience: is there anything around you that might tell you you’re in a dream? Also, think logically what would happen if you performed the RC in a dream, and be aware of the moment you perform the RC. I believe that the level of awareness and logical reasoning that you can bring in the moment of the RC is what allows it to seep from WL to dream life.

In relation to this, I found some very insightful articles that I’d warmly recommend: The Importance of Awareness and Fitting Lucidity Into Life.

I hope you’ll find them helpful. Good wishes for your Search.

Thanks for the advice, the articles look really interesting! I’ll take some time to have a read through and take them on board. Yes, I suppose the mindset is a really important aspect of the check in terms of taking the time to properly consider if the environment is real or a dream. It goes some way to establishing a real connection with the possibility you could be in a dream as opposed to simply “performing” an action as an RC without much conscious thought to the result.

Choose an object that often comes up in your dreams and do a rc when you see it :smile:

I have done reality checks in my dreams and I haven’t become lucid, last night I put one finger through my opposite hand and then looked and saw 12 fingers but I didn’t become lucid. Very annoying :help: :grrr:

Reality checks need to be more than just an action. As you perform them throughout your day, make sure you take time to think about what happened also. Also be sure to actively ask yourself questions like if where you are at makes sense, what you are doing make sense, etc. If anything, use the RC as a way to remind you to question if you’re dreaming in general.

Until you do it routinely, there is a nice app called Lucidity that has reality check reminders. I recommend it.