Train your lucid ability while awake?

just wondering…

does anyone know a way to train how lucid you would be in a dream
but that training occurs while your awake?

like imagining stuff around you witt yoru eyes open,.-- something along those lines… that would able you to have more powers or controll of your lucid dream… ?

…is that even possible? it would be cool if there was some type of 'lucid exercise ’

please post your input on this :cool:

As far as i know thats normal routine when practicing MILD- imagining that all you see around is part of the dream-that you walk on a dream street,pass dream cars,talk to dream characters.
Its also method recommended by all eastern specialists on the topic.
Good luck. carefull tho not to overdo it wrong way- you wont fly if you jump off the top floor or your rent wont paid itself just by thinking about it:)

Self Hypnosis? :eek:

If I properly understand what you’re asking, this is referred to as Lucid Living. (Click that link to view the current LL discussion on this forum). The idea is that you take a few consecutive minutes in your day, and just observe. Try to become fully aware of what’s happening around you, and just pay total attention to what’s happening through each of your senses.

The key is to strengthen your general awareness in the hopes that you’ll more reliably detect when you’re dreaming. The theory is promising, but the success stories should be incentive enough. :wink:

ohh okay,

thanks alot guys :cool: