Trouble Creating my World!

I’ve had about four LDs or so, but I’ve only been able to control one of them. I usually “wake up” while in the inbetween state. (You know, the tingley black world.) I’ll realize that I’m asleep, but after that, I have a really tough time making the dream world appear. I’ll try to focus on making one character appear at a time, but even that is too difficult. During my latest LD, I actually was in a dream when I realized I was dreaming. As soon as I realized it, everything went away and I was in the black world again.

It’s like I’m staring at a blank canvas, I just need help creating my dream masterpiece!

:help: Any thoughts?

Well, you could read toxyChor’s Dream control training manual… that’s a good one.

And in your next LD try this: When I’ll open my eyes and clap my hands I will have been on a green meadow with yellow flowers which will not fade away !
Of course, you can choose any destination you want. Close your eyes say that, and find yourself in the desired place. It will work ! :woo: