Troubles With WILD

I’ve never gotten that far then… :cry:

Haha… I haven’t been able to sleep for the past three nights. :eek:

Don’t try too hard or else you won’t get any results, you need something light to focus your mind on, you want to fall asleep so don’t focus on something too difficult, a constant sound is always a good choice (like a fan or something), or focusing on your breathing (a common mistake - people tend to breath heavily and deeply when they WILD as if they were meditating, just breath like you usualy do, the same rate and “power” and keep like this

I always sleep with a fan on…
but I breathe deeply… <__< Maybe that’s the problem.

On occasion, I take a big sigh every now and then… I wonder if that’s affecting anything as well.

If you usualy breath deeply then it not a problem, just breath like this when you WILD and it will be fine, but if not, try to figure the natural rythm of your breathing and recreate it so you can focus on it.
If you choose to focus on the fan, focus only on the sound, without any thought about it, just the sound, imagine the sound in your had in sync with the real sound, this is the best focus you can give to it.

The sound in my head???

There are no sounds in my head. :confused:

Lucky for you :smile:
But I didn’t mean those kind of sounds that tell you creepy stuff XD.
Just think about the sound itself, that the meaning, give your attention to it.
Focus on the sound so you can hear it like you hear your own thoughts, that the highest level of focusing on a sound.

I’m sorry I’m still confused. :confused:

Could you send the full link, please ? I can’t figure out where to find it in their main page. Thanks !

Yeah, it realy hard to understand (and even harder to explain), without all those complicated information about focusing, it sums in this - just hear the sound of the fan, just like when some people are talking near you, you decide to which one you listen and then you can’t understand what the other people are talking about, the same thing goes here.
If you still don’t understand just say, it realy hard to get it right because all of this is very abstract.

Ok… So now, I wake myself up at 2am to attempt a combination of WBTB and WILD - of which I’ve heard is a very powerful technique from multiple members on the forum - but my problem is that I am too tired to focus… My motivation also seems to drop and I just want to sleep…

Before I attempt anything after I wake up, should I jump out of bed and walk around for a few minutes? Do you think it might help me bring my motivation back up?

EDIT: I also swallow a lot… (I blame my past experience with braces) Do any of you think that might be affecting anything?

i know what you mean rotten :smile: when i come home from college i try WILD, i go on pc for a bit on here, talk a little. and them take off my socks and try it… But it never works :razz:

i always wonder, am i losing concentration when i open my eyes… orrr if i hear another sound like my mum coughing, or if i sniff, or somone.

Urgh, i’m just confused about what im doing…

Off topic a little.
Last night I tried a WBTB and WILD combination.
I woke up, ate a banana in bed and then went to the bathroom and then walked around my room for a couple of minutes. A total of about 15 minutes awake. Is that too short for a WBTB?

I too am having trouble with the WILD.
I either lose concentration, or I get to 100 and then don’t know what to do.
Should I just keep counting past 100?

Bones, try doing the method FILD/HILD they’re the same thing really. [The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II)

Thank you very much, that seems to click with me a lot better.
I will try that one tonight.
Just to clarify, you start that technique after you wake up (hopefully) at one of your REM cycles?

Edit: After re-reading it, I think I get it now.

WBTB works for some people, but not for me, the fact that I’m fully awake prevents me from falling asleep when I do WILD, it becomes as hard as trying WILD at the beginning of the night.
I usualy don’t do anything, I just stay in bed, organizing my mind a little and then focus on something.
As for the motivation, you are falling asleep! a few more seconds of concentration is the barrier between a normal dream and a quality LD, the fact that you can’t be too aware to fall asleep, and you will sleep very soon no matter what means that you won’t even have to focus on HI, it will skip all the SP/HH/HI feelings and you will be almost instantly in your LD.
I think it more than enough motivation to focus for those few seconds.

About the swallowing, yeah, it might affect everything if you are too aware, because it disrupting, luckily if you are tired enough like you said it won’t affect it.
Or you can take it to your advantage, if you swallow at constant intervals, you might want to count each one instead of you breathing, every swallow is the next number plus the “I’m dreaming” or every other sentence you choose.

It’s not so much remembering how easy it would be to WILD at that point.

It’s just concentrating on something… even simple things, that my brain just says “Guhhhh… too tired. I stop focusing now. ZZZZZZZ.”

I’m really asking if it would be better for me to get up and walk around before attempting WILD + WBTB

i dont know? i think it would be a good idea because it will probably get you more motivated. i find if i wake up in the middle of tthe night i cant be bothered to try wbtb but if i get out of bed for 10 - 20 minutes then i feel more awake and i get motivated. i am trying to do wild at the moment. last nite i felt my body vibrating when i concentrated on it but then i think i woke up. i can remember that but not much after it. do you think i entered full SP or not as i cant seem to remember?

well, i think we’re not all the same, so methods which work for some of us, don’t have to work for the others, too :wink:.

my problem is neither being motivated, nor not being able to fall asleep, but the time… i tried WBTB, then i used MILD telling me, i will remember my dream and then i laid there for 30 minutes at least, counted 100 upwards, downwards and upwards again and pretty slow…
i heard the bell of a church nearby, so i know almost exactly, how long i kept myself asleep, but there were no lights or any hallucinations, or even SP, i was just very tired, but couldn’t get a lucid dream… maybe lack of experience, who knows… but it would be good to know :tongue:

Okay. I’ve completely given up on WILD now…

Try doing FILD