Trying to become lucid...

Hi all.

I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been trying to have lucid dreams for a while now. Last night, I tried WILD, and I got to a point where I felt numb everywhere, but I don’t know what do do from there.


The numbness actually has absolutely nothing to do with SP. It’s just the result of laying completely still for too long while focusing on your body. So, waiting for the numbness won’t get you anywhere. Instead, try focusing inward, on your thoughts, rather than on your body. This gets you into SP relatively quickly, and from there you can enter an LD.

You should check out this awesome WILD tutorial on the knowledgebase, as well as the WILD FAQ.

Also, to begin with you might also want to incorporate some other techniques as WILD can be difficult to master in a short ammount of time. I would recomend RCILD. It’s great for beginners and experienced dreamers alike. Just do RC’s every day as often as possible, and the habit will eventually transfer to your dreams. Just remember, you can never be too sure you’re not dreaming :content:

Don’t just focus on Wild because it may take a while for it to work on everyone by this time you may have given up hope. Use other techniques like MILD when you go to bed rc during the day and then do WILD and WBTB. This will maximise your chances on getting that all important first ld.

Thanks everyone! I’m gonna give it another try tonight now that I’ve read the tutorial and FAQ.

One final question: can I listen to something like a radio while I WILD, or will it need to be completely silent in the room?