Trying to have first lucid dream with WBTB

So this is my first time posting here, so if I am doing anything wrong feel free to tell me.

I have been trying to become lucid for about 4 days now, with no luck. Tonight I am going to use the WBTB technique used also with software called Lucid Dream Assistant.

How long does it usually take before you have a lucid dream? Any suggestions?

Do you have any other technique you are doing a long side WBTB?
WBTB by its self still can improve chances since you wasn’t that long before conscious so you’ll probably feel more conscious of potential dream signs.
Though it’s probably best to have another tech alongside it. Autosuggestion is a great and easy method to use alongside WBTB. Essentially saying before you go to sleep different phrases, like, ‘I will have a lucid dream’ ‘I am a lucid dreamer’ ‘I will perform a reality check in my dream’. Though I’ve found just doing it lightly and not excessively repeating the phrases works quite well.
As long as you can remember your dreams (so you remember in the morning), there’s a big chance that your suggestion to the brain may influence your dream.

For me it took about a month or so. It helps if you try multiple techniques to see which one works for you.

A couple of things that helped me:

  • Keeping a dream journal and focus on remembering your dreams when you wake up.
  • Noticing typical dream signs and visualize doing a RC when you see one.
  • WBTB (just to raise my awareness and then go back to sleep, not to WILD)
  • Reality checks during the day (I find the nose-pinching one most reliable). Truely question reality, so don’t just do the move.
  • Repeating a mantra with your goal for the night when going to bed
  • Learning my sleep cycle and using sounds to trigger lucidness

Even though WILD seems the nicest method, it’s also the method at which most starters end up without any results and giving up. So try not to focus too much on that