Trying Too Hard Or Not Trying Hard Enough

I’ve been reading through a lot of different forum posts on lucid dreaming and I’ve noticed that there’s often mention that wanting an LD too much might prevent it from happening, though reading about LD’s and keeping them on your mind will increase your chance of having them. :meh: It just seems incredibly tough to find a balance in between the two. Which do you find works better for you?

Personally, I think I might need to take a little break from induction techniques, I’m starting to feel a little stressed about lucid dreams. :neutral: I’ll still be doing RC’s and writing in my DJ though.

Hey bluehope! I’m pretty new to LD myself and completely understand where you are coming from! They key is confidence but not forcing it if that makes sense. LD should never be stressful. It should be fun! But it also takes dedication, motivation and lots of practice. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. I’ve been lucky to have become lucid a few times, but I gotta say I’m still figuring out what techniques work and experimenting with new ones.

What technique have you been trying? DJ is essential, so that’s good you are doing that. It’s a good habit to keep doing RC as well. So seems like you are headed in the right direction, just be patient and don’t stress out about it. It’ll happen if you are dedicated.

How long have you been trying?

If not for too long (for example, if you tried only one technique or many of them but changed them rapidly) you really try to find a technique that works for you.

Hoodswigler pretty much said all the rest :smile:

I think I get what you’re saying, bluehope. When I first heard of Lucid dreaming, I was completely motivated, and I failed. I dreamed only of people asking what I was dreaming. But yesterday I felt pretty bad about my RC’s and I abandoned WILD halfway through.
It worked. I’m not saying give up comletely, but don’t sweat it. Keep trying.

Usually I do MILD before I go to sleep and WILD if I try to take a nap. I’ve done WBTB a few times too but I just end up falling asleep.

I’ve been trying to induce an LD for about three weeks, and I know it will take a lot more work, I have absolutely no intention of giving up until I am able to induce them more frequently. So far I’ve had one LD intentionally, so I know I’m kind of on the right track, just not really there yet :razz:

I’ve had mild success with WILD too, I’ve had the vibrations and some hypnagogic sounds. They kind of make me all alert again. I’m thinking about picking up meditation to improve my focus :razz:

I remember when I first started to try LD. I started to write DJ and I wrote in it for about few weeks until I realised I didn’t have any LD’s. I was angry because of this and I even thought maybe LD isn’t real. Then I lost my DJ and started to forget about LD. After a week or more I had my first LD. So I think it’s sometimes better to stop thinking about LD (still make enteries in DJ) for a short time for better results.

Don’t give up. For some people it takes a long while before they can get frequent LD’s. I recommend reading this article about the Lucid Dreaming Wall that most new comers hit. I hope you keep on the ball. When you get more LD’s, you’ll realise that it doesn’t always come easy.