Two Questions

Ok so I have two questions about lucid dreaming as I am still yet to have one and these questions have been troubling me for a while…

  1. Can you travel to a world from a video game? I am asking this because recently final fantasy 9 has stolen my heart and its got to the point where I feel lost and lonely without these characters because you get to know them so well :smile: so it would be nice if you could meet up with them in an LD :razz:

And secondly can you listen to music in an LD?

Sure, you can do anything you want. After my current goal I’m hoping to go to a few anime worlds (mainly for certain characters). I’m not sure what you mean by “listen to music” but I’m sure whatever it is, you can do it. Ask the dream to play some music for you? I’ve heard some music before. I actually remembered a bit of one song from one once. I ended up writing it down cause I liked what I remembered. Believe in yourself and good luck! :content:

Yay awesome, all the more motivation then :smile:

I just want to hear Garnet sing her song its so beautiful:P

and of course I would want the places from final fantasy I visit to have their soundtracks lol they’re not the same without them.

Hmm, that sounds fun. I wish I had music tracks to accompany Zelua. :crying: Maybe I should make some up in an LD. That’d be lots of fun. Hmm… /me gets more ideas.

Yes, anything you want! Hey, orcywoo6. Have you played Kingdom Hearts?

Hey orcywoo6,
Good luck with your LD’s! Anything and Everything is possible!

:content: thanks for the encouragement everyone!

Rhett, no I haven’t played kingdom hearts but I hear good stuff about it :razz:

[LD4all lucid Quest 56: Double Combo - Take Your Pick!)
^ #19 under the 2007 quests. You can make that your quest this month and the next! :smile:

I chose Enter A Videogame for #39 and found that my brain does this funny thing where it completely de-pixelates what’s supposed to be a pixellated game setting in a lucid dream, so, don’t be surprised (or disappointed!) if the music adds a bridge or the characters look more realistic or something.

Speaking of music, have you heard (of) Kate Covington? She mixes up some pretty sweet fan arrangements.

About the first question. Characters in your LD, which exist IRL, don’t look like the ones in your LD. I mean, in an LD the character from your video game will look slightly different… don’t want to descourige you, I’m just saing what happened to me. In an LD the thing or person which you know extists IRL will look different from as you knwo them. If you are an experienced LDer then you will problably be able to handle this, but still I don’t think it will make any diference.

Correct me if I’m wrong :shy:

You’re wrong :happy: The characters can look just as real as you want them too, but it’s a matter of dream control.

Haha yeah i don’t like final fantasy but i love kingdom hearts

I’m looking forward to my first LD then because I will definately try this…Them looking different should only be based on what you expect them to look like :confused:

I want to see vivi and Garnet! lol…

And Rhett you suck :razz: the only thing that puts me off kingdom hearts is those disney characters. I hate them lol. Especially Goofy.

How can you not like Final fantasy? :sad: its all about the storyline! i agree anything after the ps1 games because thats when they lost their magic but the ps1 games especially had such deep storylines! :wink:

I thought FF12 was pretty good. Interesting and witty characters, no main romance, political intrigue, very very pretty landscapes in a totally new flavor, intuitive battle system, only a few frustrating plot loops-- but mainly I liked it because it was more sword and sorcery like FF9 rather than cyberpunk or high fantasy. Which is why I haven’t even touched FF13 (and why I didn’t really enjoy… flinces and ducks FF7! And 8! And 10…)

I think the Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts were handled masterfully. It must be the looming threat of a silver-haired villain, they make everything cooler and edgier. Or, I dunno, I think it just fits, like if the whole story was about the loss of innocence, who better to accompany that journey than characters from what’s, for most people, an innocent and carefree time in their life? :tongue:

No the disney characters make it great!