Uhhh??? My RC's didn't work!

Title changed: was “uhh???”

Last night i woke up and did a MILD exercise and went back to sleep, then when i was in some dream I did the nose-pitching RC but… it didn’t work, i couldn’t breath so I did the hands RC when you look at your hands and ask yourself if your dreaming but my hands looked Exacly like in real life with 5 fingers on each hand and everything. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, usually the all RC’s I do work perfectly. Has this happened to anyone else and if so does anyone have advice for me what i should do?

Hah, the only thing I can do for you is pray that it doesn’t last as long as it does for me. My RCs refused to work from before December to just a few days ago. FINALLY they work again and I am extremely happy for that. Hopefully yours will work again in your next lucid.

Good luck. ;]


Thats very odd. Your dreams must be really realistic. Erm how many RCs do you do?


Try to remember where you were, five, ten, fifteen, thirty, or sixty minutes ago. Just trace back your actions to see if you can get to where the dream began. That’s a pretty solid RC.

i have thought of using the RC where you trace your steps back but it has never seemed like i good RC to me

Well, when all others fail…It is a pretty clunky and time consuming one, but it will work where the other ones might not.

I often can’t remember what I did a half hour before IRL, so that wouldn’t be a good one for me. :content:

You need to EXPECT yourself to be able to breathe through a plugged nose and you need to EXPECT your hands will look messed, when you do your RCs in RL.

If you do it this way, you will naturally EXPECT your RC to show you’re dreaming in your dream and it will.

Trust me on this one.

I’d also like to recommend you get a digital watch. Time can NEVER be consistent in dreams, because it relys on an external source. You do have a biological clock, but, for whatever reason, it can’t keep time straight in your dreams.

The Time RC is the most effective and it always will be.

yea use different a RC lol

maybe i should do the clock RC but i have always done RC’s with the expectation that it will work

It happens sometimes. Don’t worry. I don’t think there is anything to do apart from performing another RC’s.

True. It’s really important to be able to actually convince yourself that you’re dreaming, even when you really aren’t.

Retracing my steps tends to be the most effective RC in my dreams, but only in the beginning before I establish all kinds of false memories to explain it. Hands has worked for me a couple of times, but any of the nose RCs seem to be completely ineffective in my dreams.

Beware… clock RCs do not work all the time, even with a digital watch!

There was once in an LD, I was losing it, and to give myself affirmation, I did the watch RC which brought me the time 9.00am and 01sec…02sec…03sec…
More here

I suppose the most reliable RC is to have many…many RCs to fall back on… one after another…

This night I had three FA. I woke up I looked onto my mobile phone. It showed some hieroglyphs, but didn’t recognize it then. Former 07.23. I had time still. I put to sleep myself again. I woke up . “Wow! I had FA. I have to do RC after awakening”- I thought. I looked onto my mobile. It was 07.16 a.m. I looked onto palms. All is OK. I pinched myself . I felt. OK.I put to sleep myself again. I woke up . “Sh##! I had two FA. My RC failed. I have to make it attentively in the future”-I looked onto my mobile. It was 07.13 a.m. I looked onto palms. All is OK. I pinched myself . I felt. OK.I put to sleep myself again. My mobile rang. It was 07.45 a.m. “Fu##! I had three FA. My RC failed. I have to make it attentively in the future” I thought. I made RC as previously and I got up . It was real awakening this time. This was odd, as in film “Groundhog Dayęłęó”. I decided to check titles of books as RC in the future. :content: