umm help please

last night i was tring to ld and i fell asleep and i didnt have any dream whatsoever…kinda a prob with me…well anyways :help: would be apreacated

You’re absolutely sure that you didn’t have any dream?

Really think about it… you may be surprised that you actually did have a dream, but you just forgot. That’s the way it tends to work; we always have dreams when we sleep (unless there is something wrong, and we don’t go into REM sleep for some reason).

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Have you a dream journal? Did you enhance your dream recall before trying to have lucid dreams? You have to recall about one dream per night before you can apply LD methods. If you don’t, you may have LD’s and not remember them!

I remember that at the time when I first found out about LD and started practicing, I often didn’t remember my dreams anymore. But not for long. So don’t worry. It will pass and you will start remembering your dreams again.

You actually had a number of dreams. You just don’t remember them :wink:.

There are a number of ways to improve your DR.
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