Unblurry Dreams Tutorial

So,either beginners or people who have problems with this are coming here,or you might want to just read,well sit back,relax,and enjoy.

Unblurry Dreams are very common when LD’ing.They tend to blur our senses when we initiate a protocol of LD or LD itself.This is because of maybe something to do with visualizing or beginning.
Thanks to @Marvin and @soluci for this pointer,i have an interest to post this so it might be some time while I am gathering information.Here is what I have found out from research.

1)Low Level Lucids
If you have just started,or begin to see anything blurry,or feel that something is out,it might just be that you are having a low level lucid dream,do not worry much to this as slowly over having more lucid dreams,you will progress and maybe even have a high level lucid dream! :nodnodwinkwink:

Another major point of you having seeing something blurry might just be because you have yet not to stabilise your dream,see if stabilising your dream would help.Good examples would be:
1)Rubbing your hands
2)Spinning Around
And so on…You can also check out this by typing 'stabilising dreams’on the LD4ALL search engine! :smiley:

3)Try Wearing Something
If it still does not work,it might be that your SC does not want it.So try and imagine a special pair of glasses beside your pocket(if you already have 1,great,think of them in your pocket),now think that you will have the pair of special glasses on your pocket,try and put them on.The reason behind this is because glasses help people see(i have a stabilius eye,meaning i am cross eyed so i do wear glasses).This will surely help

Try to use autosuggestions or affirmations to help you during you sleep,try incorporating those when you LD,saying things like ‘Iwill have very vivid dreams’ or anything which has positive reinforcements in it will definitely give your SC a headstart!


More to come soon as soon as i think of some more(probably saturday),ideas are welcome.If you do not mind,@Marvin,could i post what you said,obviously crediting you afterwards!?

More to come on saturday,so do not worry and for now,look at those!!


I would like to point you to this well written thread as well. The Master Key

Your second and third point could just plant the idea even stronger in your mind that lucid dreams have problems you need to fix. Forming a mindset like that is not good. If you expect to use a trick to fix things, lucid dreams will start having more things to fix. Find the root of the problem and correct it, instead of trusting a “trick” to fix things. Lucid dream seems blurry? Is it possible there’s something in your eyes? No. In a dream you are not using eyes at all, it’s not possible for something to hinder your sight. Fully realizing and believing this will fix the blurry dream and it’s a healthier mindset to form.

I think Letaali has a point. But I would also like to point out that everybody’s mind works differently. So while I believe it’s probably best if you can solve all problems with the force of your will and imagination or some form of auto suggestion, it’s not that easy for everyone or maybe even incredibly difficult to the level of impossible. I’m sort of speaking from experience here.

Then applying little tricks and hacks to make your way around the lucid world more convenient are definitely ok I think. In the end, I view lucid dreaming (and normal dreaming as well for that matter) as a way of “programming“your mind to do what you want so it can let you enjoy this awesome virtual world inside your head one way or the other. What Letaali describes is more of a purist’s approach, I guess :lol: while using “tricks“ is a more practical way of tackling issues that pop up. Just my two cents.

I like the idea with the glasses by the way. People who think in metaphors can probably benefit from this.

Also, @Lumiscnt, feel free to use information and opinions I publish.

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Regarding the idea of “tricks” in dreams (like using items to do certain things, such as the glasses mentioned in this post) a lot of lucid dreamers seem to be rather insistent on not using these kinds of things. I’ve read and heard this opinion many times by multiple dreamers.

The idea is that we don’t need these tricks to control our dreams or that these tricks hinder us in some way (such as creating problems to solve like @Letaali mentioned), we can just manifest our intent. Like, I don’t need a witch’s broom, wings, or a magic umbrella to fly in my dreams…but isn’t that sometimes more fun? It’s at least a little more endearing, right? I might be a street magician in crowd of sorcerers, but I’m having a good time with my tricks :rofl:
Better interesting than good, I always say :lol:

All this to say I think the glasses are a great idea @Lumiscnt
Everyone has their own motifs and themes to their dreams, and I think part of finding fulfilment in your dreams (and life!) is using what you’ve got to your advantage, be it a trick or not. When your dreams give you glasses, put them on your face.

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That’s different. Wanting a broom or wings because it’s fun to fly with them is a good mindset. Your mindset isn’t focused on a problem that’s outside your control and you need something to solve it.

Don’t see the dream as a bunch of problems to solve, see it as opportunities to have fun.

Thank you @Letaali, @Marvin and @Splash.
On your first question Leraali,i get it,I have seen the master key.But consider this,we need belief to have anything.Alright,if we want to stabilise our dream,we would need a kind of ‘believe’ to,since all you have to do is say that this is your world and the SC will obey(according to 'The Master Key’but stabilising was working by belief as well.What i am saying is as you mean all we need to do is believe,people reported stabilising works but that is because they believe it will,and when it did work,others also believed it did work,so to me,i would think that tricks are ok as long as they believein it.When you put belief to it,it would work,no matter which way you do it.

True ,since all you need is believing that it will work,any method will work as long as you believe it to.Thanks for lertting you use your opinions Marvin! :bow:

Of course splash,as long as we think something will work,then we put pur belief in it,and on the end,that is what kicks the SC.

I will make a believing topic soon,but for now,all yoy need is the belief for any trick to work,and you can sort it out with belief.?

Plus,sorry for any spelling mistakes,I am on phone!!

Adding more tips tomorrow!

Hm, yes! I guess that is true! It would only be a trick if you convinced yourself that you did need it.

@Lumiscnt You are also correct! Belief is the key, and if tricks aid us in belief, I don’t think there’s a problem to using them. Although @Letaali does present a valid point. It might be worth considering if your use of a trick perpetuates the belief of a problem instead of the belief in your own abilities. It could be a matter of perspective instead, then.

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True,i will try and post something within those tomorrow,although for now,begonners might like using dream dtabilisers,etc for starters,when they get advanced,they shpuld probably know because it might confuse them,either way,tricks or that uses belie.Ill post it tomorrow

Although people use tricks,other uses this,i think i might resurrect the tmaster key topic back in explanation,i do not have time today but do tomorrow so will then.Tricks help people but I get your valid point there where you mean we cannot always use tricks for every problem,there will not be,belief is just.Yesterday night i tried this,i could not fly,since my brain sometimes trolls me (xD)but this time i said something humorous apparently to my brain which was :toilet:

SPOILER - Click to view

“Behold,this is the power of my mind.I am now transported in my mind,if you pass by the threshold,you will be in deep trouble,this is my world,you will obey.”

Then it obeyed,so i guess either way,you are correct letaali

Edit:i am working on making the tutorial on wednesday since i am preparing for school,which was why i could not write on satirday,please forgive me,ill write on wednesday

I am proud to see so my Teachings :innocent: being discussed and thoughtfully applied by so many intelligent people.

If it works, it’s not stupid. If tricks worked, I wouldn’t counsel against them just because they’re tricks. And maybe they work for you. My practical experience, I’m sorry to say, is that tricks have diminishing returns even when believed in. That is, you cannot avoid the insidiously growing anxiety that it’s not going to be enough. It works great the first few times. Then you start to wonder, “but what if, one time, it didn’t work?” And then it’s never the same…St. Peter starts sinking into the waves. And that’s because, somewhere in your mind, the tricks are reinforcing the idea that the dream is your enemy, it doesn’t want you to “beat” it and it will constantly up the stakes to take your fun away.

(Maybe you would have escaped that if I hadn’t just incepted you with the idea…oops)

If you use tricks and you’re completely satisfied with the result, if everything is going great, then who am I or anyone else to tell you you need a different approach? But if you find you’re feeling a bit like Dorothy, desperately clacking her heels together, clenching her little fists and furiously muttering “there’s no place like home”…then the trick approach may not be for you.

As for objects and rituals you splash out on because they’re fun and you enjoy them, that’s another matter entirely - the more the better! Writerscube always had his visor HUD and his butler. He didn’t need them, but he had them.

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I very much agree @DeRuyter001!In fact,your post was one of the best posts i had seen,it really helped me,and im grateful for that!

SPOILER - Click to view

Your Post was what made me sign up for ld4all in the first place!

I have also saved your post,because its that helpful!.
Thanks for motivating me,it means a lot!