Unclear dreams

Well, you could wish for a dream guide and ask him how to get rid of them. What more exactly do you want to say with “Dreamgod” ?
What I’m afraid of, is that… what if I can’t “model” my dream the way I want to ? Or is that one of the things you were talking about ? :eh: In this case a dream guide would be the best, wouldn’t it ? :wink:

I have this new found problem with lucid dreams, I’m always foggy in lucid dreams. I’ll be aware that something is a dream, but it’s like I have a hard time gaining control. For instance, last night I was lucid twice. The first time I forgot it was a dream. The second time I felt like I was too weak to gain control of the dream. I was trying like crazy but it was like my dream was on auto pilot and I was foggy, almost like waking up after being under anesthesia.

Is there any way I can get over this minor set back?

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I once read a user who said that, in order to solve this, he would say “I’ll now open my eyes.” This way, he would sort of open a second pair of eyes that would increase the sharpness and clarity of the dreamscenario.

Or maybe try shouting “Increase clarity 100 times!!!” in a very video-game fashion :lol: (wait, it may work!)

And keep working on your DJ writing down every single detail of your ND and vividness will eventually increase.

yes, talking in your dreams surprisingly works a lot of the time.

but, you have to really believe whatever it is you want done. if you think “this will never work” well, then it never will! that’s why some people have nightmares all the time. their subconscious is feeding on their fears

Try and take a stand, be resolute. It is your dream as any other you have during the night are! It can be just as vivid and clear as all the others, and much more. So face the dream and say what you want! You’ll be surprised how obedient it can be.
Just remember to be determined, and not pissed. :tongue: Try and keep a friendly profile, it always helps when asking something :content:

I have that same experience on occasion (I had it a lot more when I first started practicing LD techniques). It can be frustrating, but it can be overcome. As others have said saying a statement or command out loud helps quite a bit; a lot more than you might expect it to.

I think it comes down to just taking a second to reinforce the idea that you’re in a dream.
I usually say something simple to the effect of “I’m Lucid!” (I’m just that creative :tongue:), which does the trick.

Guys, I have just woken up from a LD and, let me tell you, the shouting technic didn’t work :lol:

I had a FA induced LD and, once I became lucid, I found myself in my room (since it was a FA) and I noticed the room full of an annoying fog that didn’t allow me to see beyond a few inches. I shouted “increase clarity 1000 times!!!”, but nothing happened.

I decided to try and go back to my bed so as to “wake up again” and, once lucid again, the dreamscenario was crystal clear this time (it was a dream full of FA!).

Of course the shouting may work next time. You never know! :razz:

Glad you found something that worked! Shouting has never failed me, but I guess everyone is different :grin:. That’s why it’s nice to have so many techniques to choose from - if one doesn’t work, just try out another.

Hopefully you’ll have frequent LD’s and will be able to try out different techniques.