Uncomfortable False Awakenings

I am from the Dutch forum, but it’s a not very active, so I am trying this here. Hello to all!

Last night I experienced once again a FA. It started as a normal dream, kind of a nightmare (uncommon for me). We are chilling in the living room and then suddenly we heard loud noises, loud bangs and doors closing upstairs. I looked left and back again, and there it was, a large black figure standing in the middle of the living room. I scared me, I screamed and waked up. At least, that’s what I thought. I tried to put on my bedroom lights, but they didn’t work. At this moment I knew I was still dreaming. This is because lights never work in my dreams, or just very faintly. When becoming lucid it’s often after FA because of lights that don’t work xd. To be sure I checked the digital clock (which I don’t have anymore, but still), and indeed, as suspected, it showed a different time every time I looked at it. Because it remained dark and I just witnessed a scary dream I wanted to wake up. But also because I have experienced a lot of weird and uneasy stuff in FA in the past, also as a kid. What happens next often occurs after FA to me. When I want to wake up its not like ND or LD. I ‘feel’ my body in sleep paralyzes while I’m still dreaming and try to wake myself by trying to move my body very intensively (hard to explain). Usually, after several uneasy attempts, this works. Afterwards I feel like it was silly wanting to wake up because I could have had a adventures LD.

This is what happens a lot to me. When I experience FA my first basic motive is to wake up, but it is a hard ‘sleep-paralyzes-wake-up’. Only a few times I was successful in turning it into a nice LD. But most of the times I am not aware enough to realize that I can do this. It’s a very uneasy setting in the FA and, also the waking up experience is not pleasant. Any tips? How can I improve the awareness in FA, how can I make the FA more pleasant? If I could only make it lighter, but the lights never work, it remains dark. Also, if I really want to wake up, there should be a more easy way to wake from sleep paralyzes?

Thank you in advance.

There is an article in the article space that should help you with the waking during SP problem.
9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis (By Ryan Hurd)

Seems to be a case of your expectation ruining the FA opportunities. If you have a written record of the few times you changed the FA into a nice LD, it would be a really good idea to keep reading these, remembering them and how it felt. You have done it, if you find yourself in a FA you will do it again.

Thanks for the article.

The difference lies in awareness, sometimes I know I can change it, but most of the times I am not lucid enough for this. Maybe I will try it like MILD technique, to print it into my mind before sleep that I can change it.