Universal Law of Attraction

I’m just going to post a link to Michael Losier’s YouTube channel that answers questions about the Law of Attraction. I watched a few of the videos and they’re pretty good. Click Here.

That’s interesting cresun, I never thought about it that way.
It seems like a great idea to simply raise your vibration with
that one thought and not think about it anymore…
But I seriously lack the mental discipline in this period of my
life, so I wouldn’t be able to not think of another thought that
may send doubt… I’ll stick to intentionally thinking about it all
the time mustering all the positive energy I can. One day when
my mind will be quiet enough I’ll try this.

Thanks for making me think :smile:

it is very easy to just think one thought

it should take no more than 10 minutes if you just sat and thought it, and let everything else go

“I am happy”

then you let it go, but don’t forget it. if you forget it then you think it again. the other thoughts don’t matter and are far more transient than the thought we are keeping afloat with our memory.

I know, but for example you think “I am happy” then at one point
of the day comes one that says “…for now.”

Then follows “Tomorrow i might not be.” and I reinforce the
“I am happy” thought so it overpowers the bad ones.

I can, with some effort, control the
“louder” surface thought but when I practiced shutting up my
conscious mind I’ve found out that there are more subtle
surface thoughts that you don’t notice if you don’t look that deep.

And those are the ones I’m now (due to the practice) more aware of and
that irritate me because you need some more effort to shut those
up, or at least learn to ignore. And that’s the level I’m yet to reach.

me too!

its tricky isn’t it ?

its best to not have any thoughts at all!

unless you want to have them.

the best way for that is to just stare at the floor it seems like

or count 1,2,3,4,5,… etc
and each time a thought comes, you start over

then the trick is “which thoughts count as thoughts” if i am aware of a memory, should i start the counting over ? usually when they start to become subconscious and not really “selfish” or ego oriented, i will permit the counting to go on and on

and i do this till im in a light-sleep trancey state, t hen i will get rid of the counting, and i can plant a thought like “i am happy” or “Om” or my meditation mantra, but

it also seems better to just meditate on my mantra the normal way, than to do this, my teacher said it was okay if i did the counting though.

one of the best descriptions of meditation I ever read was to just sit and listen to your thoughts, and change the bad ones to good ones.

and that’s it, nothing more.

The meditation technique I use is to just observe my breath (and maybe
count if I have trouble keeping my focus only on breathing).

When you go deep enough there isn’t any surface thought, no matter how
quiet or subtle, that can go past you unnoticed and struggle with your intention.
Sure you get bombarded with those subtle ones, but you’re more aware of them
and can guide them to good ones.

But it annoys me that the way we’re raised generates a way of thinking which isn’t
quite “productive” for spiritual growth, so you have to do it all over again when
you realize it. And it’s not easy… :tongue: