Unwillingly waking up from lucid dreams

I found out about this community yesterday and wasn’t really aware that there was a community for this kinda thing, which I think is very cool.

I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was a kid (either knowing or suspecting that I’m dreaming), but I’ve always had the same problem: once I realize I’m dreaming and I try to change the way of the dream, I wake up. Especially when I was younger, I thought this was because my subconsciousness already had a manuscript for my dream, and didn’t let me not follow it. Yesterday at youtube I found out that you actually can change it however you like.

As I’ve been growing older I’ve become slightly better at doing whatever I want in my dreams, but I still have the same problem - I wake up when taking control of the dream.

When I was about to wake up this morning, I remembered what I had seen at youtube videos last night about all funny answers you can get, asking the right questions. So I entered a new dream, asking myself the question “Which direction must I take in life?” (though in Swedish). No answer. I wanted to write the same question on the floor, to see if it would make any difference, so suddenly I had a pen in my hand, writing it on the floor. No difference. I wanted to exit the apartment and ask someone in the streets that same question. Running through the apartment towards the door I span around to not wake up, knowing my common problem (in some video I heard that spinning around in the dream helps you from not waking up). When I was just outside of my apartment I felt I was losing grip of my world. I felt my dream was ending and I was waking up. I tried spinning around, but I didn’t have enough connection to my dream world anymore, and I was unable to do it. I woke up.

Has anyone had similar experiences? How can I get better at staying in my dreams?

Hy mEdensky, welcome! :welcome:

Well, for starters you should read Dream Control Training Course!

Spinning or rubbing your hands can help you to stabilize a dream. But where you mention that you knew your problem inside the dream, that maybe brought some kind of a doubt, doubt that you could wake up, and when you have doubts inside a dream that usually prevent you from success, in your case staying in a dream…

Thank you, I will be sure to read the Training Course, and thanks for the tips, I’ll remember them!