~Using Crystals for Lucid Dreaming~

Hey anamcara :wink:

I’m glad to help! Black obsidian is one of the best for shielding against negativity. There are others as well.

Here is a great website with a lot of information on crystals. It is also the place I buy most of my crystals.

This is their crystal cleansing section…

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Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks VeeDreams, I used the sun for mine like the lady who sold them to me told me too…I guess thats the best way for what I have.I booked marked the page for any others I get. :smile:

That’s great anamcara! :wink:

The sun is a great way to cleanse them. Some of the more clear/crystal types of stones can fade in the sun. So just be causious. The solid stones won’t fade.

I’m glad you are getting into crystals. They are awesome!! :smile:

thanks for that cleansing link VeeDreams, very interesting :smile:

The crystals will tell what they need. My husband is more sensitive to this than i ('i’m too insecure to trust my feelings on this), so he’s like my interpreter. I’ll come up to him with one of my stones and say: what does he want? lol.

We took my big lemurian out to the beach one day and let it in the retreating see (what do you call it?) the waves went over it, but it was not too deep that it would be washed away. That was quite enervating.

For the rest i have buried, washed, smudged, put in sun, put in moonlight etc. Put in milk (jade).

Wow… I’ve been reading this over and over again. I’ve heard of people using crystals and things of that sort but the knowledge on this link is incredible.

I come from a background where crystals aren’t used but other things like candles, mojo bags, icons and stuff are. Not that I’m trying to degrade or offend anyone. Crystals are treated like pets? Do you have to nurture them, talk to them, etc…?

lol iluminada, yes some ppl treat crystals like pets. Well i talk to mine sometimes :grin:
I love mountain quartz and lemurians. I really love lemurians.

what is a mojo bag?

You can tune into a crystal and it will tell you something. Try it :smile:

I’ve seen cold water or rain water being used for certain types of crystals. I read somewhere that the moon is good for cleansing metals used as crystals…Anyone else hear of this?

Herkheimer (sp?) diamonds are reputedly good for dreaming.

If nothing else, they’re awfully pretty. :content:

Has anyone ever tried magnets?

The next full moon is this coming Wensday, June 22, Im going to try sleeping with a magnet under my pillow, and see if it increases my dreams.

If my memory of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” serves me well, the moon has no magnetic feild…so why not try it now? :content:

Wow everyone! :grin:

Pasquale, that is an amazing connection that you and your husband have with crystals! It took me awhile to really hear and feel the messages crystals wanted to share with me.

I don’t think of crystals as pets or such. They are alive and have energy to share with us for our knowledge and healing in this lifetime. They are beings and our friends. I think of them as my friends. Not as something I own but as an old friend. Ya know?

I am very glad you all liked the link! :happy:

Hey Kavaa :wink:

I heard that magnets are great for healing but not sure how they work with dreams.

Keep us posted on how it works for you. :smile:

I’ve seen magnets tried for everything else. They might be good for LDing too.

I’ve got no clue about crystals, what exactly are they? I’m quite curious.

When I refer to pets, I mean friends as well. :shy: I should have clarified that. I care and nurture my pets very much, even when they’re naughty.

I’ve heard alot of crystals and really intrigued. To be honest I don’t even think I’ve ever held one in my hands. But the link you posted earlier in this thread is really informative, thanks

Cool, Iluminada :wink:

I see what you mean by pets now. That is great that you think of your pets as friends. I love that!! :smile:

Hey aplz, here is a great site that can explain it much better than I can. :wink:


Let me know if you have any additional questions. :smile:

I dunno, guys, but I spent some time reading up on crystals back in the day, and while a lot of people claim they have magic powers, i get the feeling that what anything can do for you in the ways of supernatural is mostly variable to what you believe. I mean, i have a really rusty old wrench that makes me feel confident when i hold it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s magic. and i’m serious about that.

just my opinion tho guys, don’t want to spoil your good time.

Hey Holmcross :wink:

I feel ya, and I see your point. I feel that crystals are alive just as we are and are beings that have assisted this planet for as long as Earth has been around and beyond. I never really thought of them as being ‘magical’. They are great for many types of healing, spiritual knowledge, etc…

Thanks a ton for the link, I’ve learned a bunch! :smile: