Using smell as an inducer...

I just had this idea of using the sense of smell as a lucid dream inducer. The main reason is that smells seem to be able to remind one of memories more than any other method. Like when you smell the perfume of an old lover, or the scent of your old home, etc. For some reason scents seem to bring back memories instantly, far more vibrant than any mnemonic methods. This may be useful for initiating lucid dreams.

Imagine a device that could release a particular smell (lets say something like fresh oranges, but it could be anything you wish). It could be worn as a bracelet or a necklace, and would release a spray of the fragrance on a timed interval. This could also be combined with some sort of electronic reality-check to reinforce the connection. When this happens you should remember to check your reality and see if you are in a dream. I think this may have been tried before, but I am not sure of the success.

I imagine this technique could also be used to guide non-lucid dreams. In this case, using smells to influence moods and imagery. For instance, the device could have different food smells that would make you think you where at a dinner; morning dew and pine needles to suggest a nature scene; perfumes or phermones to suggest romantic situations, etc. I seems to be a promising idea. If anyone has tried any method like this, I’d love to hear the results.


I haven’t tried it yet.

I think it could work a little, but not much. A smell is something slow and long, so you get used to it pretty fast while sleeping. I think that this could cause a sleeping person to ignore the smell. It’s just not… suprising enough. :neutral:

I’m sure there is a post on this forum somewhere about rubbing pickle juice into your top lip before you go to sleep (seriously).
I think that the sense of smell would be as effective as any other sensory method, but it’s obviously hard to produce the stimulus at the crucial point ie; early in the morning when our REM periods are longest and strongest.

Yes, something already exists for this method. The Takara Yumemi Koubou, “Dream Workshop”, is based on the principal that you can associate an image to smell (and sound and light). It doesn’t work very well though because the conditioning involved has no real foundation or organization.,3 … 739,00.asp

I dont think this would work personally due to the fact that your body gets used to smells pretty fast unless its a really disturbing smell, meaning unless you want a smell thats totally horrific i doubt it would work. (no offense)

yes, you know about this killer mosquitos electric stuff? these little stuff have a arome or smell but the question is when put on this stuff ok, you can buy a timer used for outdoor light or something like , the general idea is put the timer connect with the electric odor mosquito killer and you have you odor smell induction machine for no much price at all.

Speaking about smelling (or typing as the situation really is :wink: ) I feel that I should mention that the smell of coffee greatly increase dream recall. Jeff tried out lots of different stuff but he found that coffee worked really well :cool:

I’m not sure if it would work in my case but I might try it and see how it works. Incorporating it into my ld might be hard because I don’t always have that sense.

And what happened to Jeff? I haven’t seen him on in a while.

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