Variation on MILD/WILD/VIlD

:content: Hello everyone! I’ve done some searching, and there really aren’t many topics about this technique that I use. Some references here and there, but not many topics.

Basically, what I do is use MILD,WILD, and VILD together in case one fails (MILD doesn’t stick with my SC, or I do not successfully WILD). I first relax my body completely. I then repeat a mantra over and over again, usually “I will become lucid.”

When using the MILD technique, the objective is to have the mantra be the last thought you have before falling asleep. This changes with my method. I attempt to stay focused and awake. This is crucial in order for this method to succeed.

Once I feel SP coming on, I change my mantra to “I’m in complete control.” I find that this helps my SC when I’m actually in a LD and keep me calm. Usually during my SP, I feel like I’m being crushed. The mantra reminds me that I am in charge and that the crushing sensation is not real.

When the HH become stronger, I stop repeating my mantra. I then create a dreamscape(VILD). I’m either walking in a huge meadow or flying over a lake. These dreme scenes will help me enter a LD. I increasingly add details until I’m actually in the dream.

Let me know what you think about it, and if you have tryed any similar methods :content:

Hmmm… sounds interesting. I think I might try it out. I’ve never gotten past SP, though, so maybe this method will help. :smile: Anyways, I’ll tell you my results tomorrow.

Hello, cool method, i might wanna try it.

This will prolly’ be a question i can answer myself, but.

Do you do this after 4-6 hours after sleep, using alarmclock, or autosuggestion, or juts when real tired, or whatever :smile: ?

Sincerely, VanCarioo

I usually do this when I’m really tired, only because I never have days when I can do WBTB. I usually have to wake up early, and I don’t want to be overtired. This would probably work better with WBTB, but its totally up to you :content:

So your tired enough for SP to come in.? I really wanna try this tonight :happy:

Yup :content: After a lot of practice I can now induce SP pretty easily, without WBTB.

That’s so dope!

I really want to learn that! How did you practice? You basicly can induce LD at will, if you can induce SP at will.

I can get SP, but I lose concentration before I LD. But I’m getting there.

It’s really difficult to explain exactly how I learned, but I’ll try :grin:

When I first started WILD-ing, I could only make it to the “vibrations” before losing focus. Then I trained myself not to drift off or fall asleep normally without putting too much of my thought on my body. It takes time. I only had my first SP at the end of last month, after a year or so of practice. For me, it was just learning to concentrate and forget about what was happening to me.

I hope that helps, if you have more questions you can ask me.

That’s cool tho. It’s just. I have tried for pretty many months, and only have gotten Prelucid dreams (i faied :<) So now, i have gotten some motivation back, and i just wanna try some new techniques, and i can’t seem to find proper ones :sad:

I think it’s all about customizing your own method, and taking parts of others. I might try this because, like you, I have trouble WILDing and the VILD is difficult because I can’t conjure up a visual setting that is clear and stable simply by relaxing and staring into the void, and although I can never WILD, on my way it becomes easy to see thought images at one point, seems like a good time to try the VILD…I use the similar mantra “I am lucid” - so adding the control part makes sense and prepares you mentally for the dream.

I too get the vibrations and heart quickening but then I calm down and relax again, without going further…like I’m sliding into a tunnel but then it aborts.

:content: Glad to see people find this interesting!

I definately agree, customizing your own method is key to attaining lucidity.

I think I accidentally stumbled upon a variation of this tech this morning. Of course, I didn’t have SP so WIlD may not have really been involved, but it was much more effective than trying MILD or VILD on their own. Whilst I never truly went lucid, it was certainly a semi-lucid dream. I was aware of the fact that it wasn’t real, but never had that “I’m dreaming” epiphany.

Keep researching this tech combo, I think it’ll be good for a lot of dreamers out there.

:content: Thanks, Rhewin.

I think it’s important to make the method work for you, not really following any specific guidelines. If that makes any sense at all :tongue: If it works better without the WILD, then thats awesome!