VERY lucid and weak.

My last room mate was big into lucid dreaming and meditation. I never really paid attention to it because I always knew it wouldn’t be real, so I never really gave it a chance. Well, he moved out a few weeks ago, and since then i’ve had 3 lucid dreams. It is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me lol. I’ve been able to move small objects with my mind, open drawers, and I even poured a bowl a cereal, even though I could barely lift the milk(with my mind). My last lucid dream was last night. I was still in my kitchen as always, so I finally decided maybe if I leave i’d have more power. I closed my eyes and pictured my grandmothers house and started running really fast until I ran into the side of her house and fell over. I remember my room mate saying if I made a beam then I could lift heavier stuff. Well I was able to make a little green beam, but it just moved around on the giant rock that was in the front yard. At this point I just started getting mad (and man, these lucid dreams are realistic). Anyway… after failing to move stuff with my beam, I tried to go back to moving stuff with my mind, no luck. :sad:
I just got more and more angry, and more and more people just kept on popping up, so I just started punching them all til they were knocked out, then I got sick of lucid dreaming, so I asked someone to call me and wake me up, they called me, and I woke up. Not sure if the entire dream would help anyone with my question, but if anyone can help me figure out how to have more control of my dreams, please tell me. :smile:

That happens to many new lucid dreamers. Being lucid =/= control of the dream. To gain more control, I would advise you to read this tutorial. It will not only explain you how to gain more control, but will provide you with lots of techniques, which will definitely help you out.

That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you! :smile: I took some notes of the most important stuff and taped it to my wall next to my bed. lol.