Very weird way of inducing LDs????

Last night, I woke up, and I was just too tired to put ANY effort into any techniques, so I just didn’t try. Along the line, I began to think about my little cousin hittin my with pillows. At first, it was just visual. Then, I began hearing the sounds, and I imagines myself fighting back. Then, I began feeling myself pushing her away, and havin myself sucked into the dream. Then, the sound of my brothers talking (in real life), threw me off course. I woke up. Then, they stopped talking, and I imagined the same thing, and started feeling myself getting sucked into the dream again. I don’t remember what happened after, but I do know I lost concentration. Has anyone else ever experienced this before??

Hmmm… it sounds like you might have done Dream Chaining.

This did happen After I awoke from a dream, and I didn’t move, but a good 5-10 minutes passed before this occurred. And it only happened when I thought of getting hit with pillows 0.0

Sounds a little bit like VILD to me?