Don’t worry Lunatic,
How you doing? so much time since i don’t “see” you.

Yeah they are in my head… and yes you’re not crazy right?jk

Sometimes, I hear my mom calling me (and of course, she’s not there). But it’s very rare, perhaps once per year.

when i was younger i often heard my mom or dad call me and then when i got there i wasked “why did you call for?” and they would say “i didn’t call!”
my mom told me it was pretty normal to hear that from times to times… i guess it only starts being dangerous once you start paying to much attention to that kind of stuff!

IMO, those voices are purely chats that has been recorded in our brain what we heard recently. Of course we don’t hear them exactly as they were, but they become twisted (words and sentences in irrational sequence) similar to our first dreams during night. I have noticed that if i go to sleep after spending my time in pub, or night club (very rare occasion, but still), those voices are very bright in my ears when i go to sleep. It’s probably because we come from noisy situation and those voices will still hunt us until we fall to sleep.

Not neccecarily, our brain/mind is able to produce voices and sounds that are entirely alien to us.