W.I.L.D. hypnogogic images

I have been trying to W.I.L.D. lucid dream for several nights now and I’m stuck at looking at hypnogogic images and falling asleep. What I’m I doing wrong? I sleep for 4.5 hours, get up for 30-60 minutes, then go back to bed, remain completely still and look at hypnogogic imagery. I always fall asleep or don’t fall back to sleep at all. What is the secret? :confused:

I don’t use WILD myself, but while waiting for a reply - have you checked out some of our tutorials?

WILD - An user friendly tutorial is about the imagery

The Wild FAQ
this may be useful from this topic…

The secret is in what you think that you are doing wrong. You think that your falling asleep is wrong but it’s not. It’s essential to fall asleep, only you need to do it right. So when you do observe those HI, try to let yourself fall asleep but gradually. And when falling asleep constantly remind yourself what you are doing.

Practice that and at one point you will figure out how to do it. Sudden and strong body sensations might signal you that you are very close to a dream state…

Good luck! :content:

I notice last night during the hypnogogic stage that I was seeing a dream, but the dream was transparent scenery over the hypnogogic imagery. And when I realized it was a dream – it suddenly disappeared. :cry: Why? This happens to me often and its very frustrating.

Maybe you didn’t just realized that it’s a dream, maybe you tried to interact with the dream/HI and that might often result to loosing the dream/HI. This state is very unpredictable and unstable so that’s why I don’t like to dive to deep into this.

By passively observing those images and consciously waiting for them to form into something bigger(dream) you extend your chances of creating the dream. Or it just might be that you loose the dream as you realize that what you are experiencing is the actual dream. That was happening to me too for some time for still to me unknown reason but the good news is that it stop after some time.

What helped me is light meditation in which I focused on various dream themes in which I lost the dream and I was “seeing” myself not loosing the dream. In made somewhat a connection between my intentions and subconscious mind, I think.

There is so much you can do but ultimately you need to find your way by experimenting with different ways and approaches… :content:

I’ve never successfully used the WILD technique, but maybe 30-60 minutes is too long to be awake before going back to bed? The idea is to only wake up your mind, so it could be your body is waking up too much. The FAQ that moogle posted said the WBTB period should only be about as long as a trip to the bathroom, and if you don’t fall asleep easily, may not even involve getting out of your bed at all.

I’d try experimenting with some shorter waking periods and/or attempting WILDs at a different time during the day.

What it mean to sink head first can you plz explain i dont don’t understand should we use imagination

It says imagine FOUR times in the text.

Here are some other ways to move towards a dream.
Imagine yourself sinking head first.
If you experience strong HH use that to enter dream.
Imagine going trough a wall if you are lying against one.
Float to the ceiling.
Imagine spinning your body (like rolling over) as fast as you can and let momentum of that movement help you roll over into dream.
Use imagination, whatever gives you strong feeling of moving your body or strong HH can work.

@moogle thanks for givingtime to me I am using WILD for 1 month actually i focus on my breathing all the time when i see thoughts i ignore them and i dont see any kind of hypnogogic imagery may be i ingore them one question in my head want to ask actually i feel totaly blackout no thought no HI just a state of blackout but i want to see HI can you plz tell when total blackout What HI comes back after some time or i ruined that state???

I don’t do WILD.

But imagery happens automatically. If I close my eyes and wait for it to appear.
eg a couple of nights ago I suddenly saw a parade walking towards me, they were wearing red and yellow. That disappeared and I saw a flat stone on the ground with the wording


on it.

for me when I try to do WILD, I meditate that I am sinking into my bed. I meditate on how my back feels on the bed, what it feels like supported by the bed. I lay down on my back and try to resist the impulse to turn onto my side as long as I can. Though I dont think WILD has ever worked for me. Wont give up yet!