Waking Life, the movie

I haven’t seen it yet, but it rents for three dollars at my local DVD rental place and i’m thinking of picking it up. I’m actually most interested in the animation style, because i’ve never seen anything like it.

On an unrelated note, did anyone see the episode of Sealab 2021, called Waking Quinn? a friend told me it was based off this movie.

awesome, i’d like to see that…

Waking Life led me to all these LD stuff and I am thrilled! Not only did it lead to something good, but it was also a great movie. I’ve never studied philosophy before so naturally there were a lot of new thoughts presented to me here… and it took my breath away. Loved it. :smile:

I really didn’t like the animation at all. There are certain ways they make it seem like a dream, but I don’t think they really do a good job to make the movie really feel you are witnessing someone’s dream. Feels more like you are watching someone’s very strange life.

I was thoroughly PLEASED with the movie. It’s one of my favorites now … very profound. You can’t sit down and expect to be mindlessly spoon-fed entertainment. People are all caught up with the animation and the such, but that’s not what this was about - I stopped really noticing the animation at all about a half hour in.

Yeah; I’d guess that it was done this way – at least in part – precisely so that people wouldn’t get focused on the acting rather than on the ideas.

Update: I saw it.

First of all, i really liked the animation. Just the stuff they did with it, the little things that happened when people were talking about things, that was where the animation style really showed. The way the animation style changed every couple of scenes also caught my interest.
Now naturally there were some parts i don’t remember entirely, and there were other parts that stand out vividly. but the way it was done and put together seems to me like it couldn’t have been done any better.

As for the Sealab 2021 episode i mentioned before, the goal of the episode was to spin off this movie maliciously and without restraint. the episode made no sense whatsoever, and was only a mix of random scenes held together by shameless segues and dreamlike music. definitely something to check out, it was pretty funny.