Waking up consciously.

Ah, I get what you’re talking about holy reality. I happen to try that a lot. I always wake up and know it and try to do something from it. It always fails though, because I usually fall totally asleep and get a ND.

if you are drowsy and losing conscoiusness you would have to either get up and get a clearer mind and sort of do a WBTB… or just go to sleep. the optimal condition is one where you aren’t sleepy at all, but have just woken up from dreams.

eyegug, I can think of only two ways to restore consciousness enough that you don’t immediately slip back into sleep:

First, you can make a note reminding yourself to remain awake, and place this note some place where you will see it when you wake up.

Second, as you said, simply set an intention through a mantra; set an intention to realize and remain awake every time you wake up, the same way MILD instructs you to set an intention to realize when you’re dreaming. I’m assuming it’s easier to remember the former intention since you will be awake when you need to remember it, whereas with MILD you are required to remember your intention when you’re asleep.

My third time trying this, and already I have come very close! Here’s what happened today:

Since I don’t work on Fridays, I got to get as much sleep as I wanted (I didn’t get to though :tongue: ). My first conscience wake up was at 7:30. I couldn’t recall any dreams, however, so I just drifted back to sleep. I woke up once again just an hour later at 8:30, and happened to dream during that hour. The dream I had was a bit short, but the senses and dialogue I remembered was intensely vivid. I came very close to having a LD!!!

Somebody in my dream went on a rant about paradigms, but kept pronouncing it like “par-a-dig-maz-ee-um” and I thought about how that wasn’t a word, and almost did a RC, except I let it go. :cry: I’m still proud of the attempt!

After I woke up at 8:30, I remembered not to move! The only problem was that I must have fallen asleep at 7:30 in a bad position, so I was very uncomfortable, and moved my left arm slightly to accomodate. I got the images of the dream back in my head, and even had a little bit of HI with it, although it still didn’t last long enough. At the peak of my attempt, the images I saw through HI began swirling and my vision of the images blurred for a second, and then regained shape before fading away. I’m not sure if the blurriness meant that I was actually in the dream but losing lucidity at a rapid pace, or that I was just entering the dream but I broke the concentration.

So, in summary, here’s what I got out of today:

  • A new favorite DJ entry
  • Higher motivation to use MILD before I sleep
  • More experience on entering dreams

This is definently going to work in the next couple days, I just know it…


i haven’t been trying to LD lately, except today I was thinking I needed to win a new car because my mileage on my current one is terrible, so that lead to a sort of LD of repeatedly scratching off lottery tickets.

otherwise i deliberately ignored the chance to do the conscious waking method. though i did have one vivid dream on par of lucid levels, but not entirely so despite not trying to be lucid. it was helpful in relatoin to things i have been thinking about lately.

this guy driving me back to my place drove his van off a ledge to fall to the bottom of a lake, and i was like man what are you doing! and he’s like “we’ll make it over” and he started driving on the bottom while water was filling up on the insides.

i had to hold my breathe all the way and got dizzy towards the end, not remembering clearly enuogh that you can breathe water while dreaming.

I just woke up consciously. Well, not really. I can’t recall the feeling of the dream, but I think I did the method correct. I woke up, thinking nothing and then I reminded myself of your method, I knew that I just woke up from a dream. Right now I’m doing WBTB and then I’ll be trying to WILD.

This makes a lot of sense to me actually. When i’m on holidays, and i have no responsibilities (ahhhh :grin: ) I feel more relaxed generally, and this shows in my sleep, as I will often recognise when i wake up in the middle of the night, and I usually end up getting quite a few ‘unsolicited’ LDs when im on holiday. I think tonight, that i will meditate on recognising when I wake up in the night, and hopefully I’ll get some high quality LDs in earlier REM periods to usual. Hopefully ill have something to report tomorrow :content:

Premiere! I just had the first conscious FA! I was standing on the stairs to my garden (after doing stuff in the garden, or maybe somewhere else and this was my “awakening place”) and thinking “allright, I just woke up from a dream. I will focus my energy on getting in a dream again and becoming lucid”. Seems like I tried to do that while jumping around a bit with my friend, he was in my garden. Anyway, my dream went on and it was very bright and vivid!

interesting ideas you got there H_R :smile:
the waking-up-phase is definately underestimated, the dozens of available moments of conscious awakening during the night (and the potential to LD from there)…

there’re however a few things that I’ve been pondering about… how would you know you have awakened in the real world and not the dream world (FA)? It’d be hard to know for sure without moving since you can’t make an RC. I’m not sure wether this is really a problem because entering (another) dream after an FA will probably be very effortless :smile:

well, because your dream world just faded away and left you lying in your bed. but if you aren’t that aware yet (and often times you don’t wake up “that way”) then that’s a good question.

I would say simply, that if you are lucid there is no need to move, because if you are actively in REM you are not going to be staring at your eyelids for 40 minutes, something is going to happen.

that’s a given really. FA’s are dangerous specifically because you get up, look at the alarm, and are like “ah okay I’m awake” but you aren’t.

if you don’t move at all, and your only goal is “i’m going to be LUCID” and then something kooky happens, then you know you’re dreaming.

whereas if you gamble and look around your room, well guess what, if you aren’t dreaming, it’s going to be harder to be dreaming.

i mean, has anyone honestly dreamed of looking at the color of their eyelids for 40 minutes straight, or their unchanging room? no, dreams mean something active is going on.

lying perfectly still, if you did have an FA, you would have dreamsigns appear to you without having to move around.

as for making an RC, you can make RCs without moving. you can imagine that you are clmibing a ladder, and if you are dreaming or in the hypnagogic state, pretty soon you will be cimbing a ladder.

you can try and make your body float off your bed (which is a hard RC to do though). in fact, if you had an FA, my talking to the DCs method is wonderful.

because you had an FA, if you start talking to a DC and say “hey would you pull me back into my dream” he will, and that’s a good RC.

the only time you need to do a standard RC is if you “wake up” and GET UP. if you lie immediately still and are in a dreamstate something will happen as long as you keep vigiliant.

I’ve been looking for help, thanks. The only problem is I sleep like the dead. I will for sure remember yor tips though, I remeber reading stuff similar but you worded it thoroughly and quickly, unlike the things I have read.

holy reality: I agree, most of what you say makes perfect sense :smile:
But then there’s the compromise (at least for me) of should I write in my dream journal now, or lay perfectly still to try and go back into the dream world.

for me if i have the kind of LDs where I go into them fully lucid (such as using this method) then WAKE UP fully lucid (such as this method) recall is very high…

recall is mainly a problem for when you are dozing off between dreams and not highly lucid and conscious.

i would say you simply get up if you can’t get back into a dream lucidly, and then you can write. but if you can get lucid it will have more to offer you.

that’s just my speculations though.