Waking up :(

Lately after my first LD I’ve been frequently noticing that I’m dreaming. I take that as a very good sign but I have a problem. Every time I realize I’m dreaming I suddenly wake up no matter in what kind of a dream I’m in. I can be running or sitting while realizing I’m dreaming and I’ll wake up anyway. So the 1st question would be what am I doing wrong? It’s not like I get lucid when I realize I’m dreaming… I just realize and wake up the same second…
The other thing is that I’ve been practicing DEILD after waking up after such realizations… The thing is that it wont work :smile: I stay completely still with my eyes closed, not moving a muscle… I stay still like that for cca 5 minutes and nothing happens :sad: DEILD is as far as I know supposed to work in a few seconds… So the 2nd question - what am I doing wrong here? :smile:

Any feedback would be appreciated :smile:

Hey, :smile:

The problem you’ve got with the waking up thing is you get too excited and that causes you to wake up. When you become lucid you have to stay calm. As with with the DEILD problems, you’ve go to stay still from when you wake up otherwise it won’t work.

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Thanks for the answer. This might be the reason…I thought of that being the reason but honestly I don’t have the time to get excited lol :smile:… My thought process is like that: Doing something - Hmm this is kinda strange - Ok I must be dreaming - BOOM I’m awake… It’s not like I get lucid and then excited… I wake up before even getting to the lucid part :sad:
As for the DEILD problem… I DO stay still from when I wake up… I just can’t fall back to sleep and dream on… I usually give up in cca 5 minutes… Any other suggestions?

Well, if you haven’t seen the chaining guide, I suggest you do so. You probably have, though, so you know that you may be too awake or that your REM phase may have simply ended naturally. Alternatively, if you feel that you can’t stay in your dreams because of your excitement, then that might be the reason you can’t return to them.

WHen you start out LD’ing waking up is very frequent =/ I still have problems with that, but I think it’s slowly getting better. Excitement is a problem :sad: You should try to relax and rub your hands. Before that though, remember that you are able to remain in your LD, just take it easy. You’re not doing anything wrong!

when chaining you have to relax your mind too. Try to think about a previous dream (lucid or not) and imagine you’re there. Imagine you’re floating or falling in the dream, or something like that.

You have to lie still but forget about your body or you’ll stay “attached” to it! :tongue:

I get this too, most of my DJ entries end with me realizing i’m dreaming and instantaneously waking up. I think you just have to get comfortable with lucid dreaming, chaining looks easy enough, try that :razz:

Ok so last night the same thing happened but I got lucid :smile: 2nd lucid dream now :razz: I think I even met my DG…
I was dreaming (this was a ND) of solving a riddle with a friend of mine in a abandoned wooden house… We suddenly saw this strange messy guy come in and he was walking behind the furniture not saying a thing. We asked him who he was but he didn’t reply. He then said: “Have you heard about the sanitary?” and there was a secret room next to him. Me and my friend went in and we got locked in. I looked out of the window and when I looked back there was this freaky looking thing wearing the clothes the strange guy was wearing before and he pushed me out of the window. This is also the reason i believe the strange guy was my DG… He trough all of his actions made me realize I’m dreaming… I have to get to know him :smile:
While falling I realized I was dreaming and I remained calm while rubbing my hands together. I gently floated to the ground being lucid :smile: I did some more rubbing of hands and did a nose RC just to make sure… I guess I didn’t stabilize the dream enough tho… I saw some wolfs running towards me (I was in this really foggy place, kinda scary) and I just flew away but I woke up :sad: I always seem to wake up when I try to fly… I guess I’ll have to use some more stabilization techniques but I just didn’t have the time this time… The wolfs were really fast lol :smile:
I again tried the chaining but it again didn’t work… I have to train myself a bit more I guess… I just have to find out what I’m doing wrong…

Have fun!

I’ve just made a post about waking up and how to handle it, hope it helps you:
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