Want to help a novice?

Hi, I’m rather new to LD and haven’t had one in a while.

Last night I tried WILD when first going to bed. I fell asleep before the end though and didn’t enter the dream entirely lucid. In the dream I got up and started meditating on LDs :dingding: I had this nagging feeling that something wasn’t right, but no lucidity.

I have the feeling that WILD is not for me since when I first got in to LD i just did auto-suggestion, MILD and RCs but I don’t see how I can do a RC in a dream to become lucid if I am not already lucid in the first place.

Once I became lucid because in the dream I read something and when I reread it, it was different. Since i had been reading about RCs that day I became lucid. But the dream started to fade so I tried to stabilize it by rubbing my hands together, but it didn’t work. So I tried spinning the dream, but it continued to fade so I gave up my lucidity so that at least I could continue the dream as a ND.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

No worry, hm… no worry,
like some other people said "Recall works like a Muscle, if you use it, it becomes better, if you dont, the opposite." I think it counts the same for RCs. Doing them alot though WL can give a habit to do them in dreams, disbelief makes it only worse. So don`t think it has no point doing it. And as for WILD, it takes some badass skill to do WILD when going to bed. I think I saw a member taking 3 years to get WILD perfectly under control. (Please no rumors :meh:) Try sleeping 4 - 6 hours then go up, try to wake up a bit, but not too much, if you try WILD after several REM cycles, the next REM comes much faster then usual.

Also… a BIG ( Its supposed to be bigger. ) welcome to LD4ALL! We have Milk and pasQuales special cookies! <- I ate them, so don`t bother asking. :tongue:

Hi! :smile:
Take it from another beginner, WILD is hard! So you did really well to do it at all. I’ve been trying every night when I go to bed and I’m nowhere near. It’s a lot easier when you wake up in the night, like SubWolf said.

To stabilize an LD, I find flying works really well for me. But then other people find it really hard, just experiment next time you have an LD and see what works for you. Heres a really awesome guide that helped me - https://community.ld4all.com/t/dream-control-training-course/31812

Good luck and remember: think positive, you are a lucid dreamer! :smile:

same here! Except I haven’t tried it after some sleep. maybe on a weekend

Thanks all of you for the advice. I would try WILD after sleeping for a few hours but I share a bedroom with my brother :confused: And I sleep too deep to just leave my phone on vibrate. :sad: I am trying to stick with my DJ I have pretty good DR. I do need to do more RCs during the day.

I have a few questions.

(1) What is the way or ways you use to have lucid dreams most often?

(2) I was wondering, about how many dreams do you remember each night?

Thanks again.
The max number of dreams I remember is like 5 but usually like 2-3.

(3) How often do you have lucid dreams.

How long does it take to WILD after different amounts of sleep?
in the middle of the day?
just after sleeping in?

Hi, stick to the diary writing and going over dream yoga , auto-suggestion and MILD. Leave WILD to days with afternoon nap and to just explore yourself going to sleep without actual expectation to have an LD (at least in the beginning)
(1) MILD and Auto-suggestion. Generally, in weeks that I do Lucid Living with success I have LDs (being aware like in LD most of the time you are awake makes your dreams very vivid and it makes the job easier to find it is a dream).
(2) Dream recall moves 2-5 dreams a night (for normal night) , 0-1 (for less than 6 hours of sleep).
(3) stated at the begining

Thanks, I will have to try that LL thing, it sounds like it will work well.

Ok so last night I used auto-suggestion to wake me up instead of an alarm. When I woke up I did a reality check and then rolled over and tried to do WILD, I got farther than before but I still fell asleep before it was finished haha. I woke up around 15-20 minutes later and did the same thing this happened 1-2 more times. I remember having dreams between each try, but they were short and nonsense so I didn’t write them down and now I have forgotten them, which is weird because normally if I remember a dream upon waking I can remember it later on. Also once or twice I think my mind just totally fell asleep (like in a trance) when doing WILD and I would “wake up” to find my arm or leg moving into a different position. Those times I know I just failed at WILD.

I think that when I woke up I should have woken my mind up more. Would that have helped?

Can someone tell me more about this Lucid Living thing? I kinda get it, the whole be aware thing, but how? Thanks again.

:smile: Some good attempts keep it up!

There are a lot of different interpretations of LL I think, you should check the topic on it.

  1. I find I get a feeling every now and then that I’m going to have a LD and normally I do. I try to get really excited about the LD I’m going to have and that mostly works. I guess it’s a kind of auto-suggestion.

  2. On a normal day about 2, but I can really tell when I’ve been putting the effort into my DJ. For instance last night I had 6 dreams, but for me its completely related to how much I’ve been using my DJ.

  3. Again it depends on my DR, and I only started having LDs recently. So lets say 1 or 2 a week, nothing amazing… yet :tongue:

My advice is to really focus on your DJ, and keep motivated :smile:

This is actually how I had my first WILD :smile: (well, kinda, I don’t think I made it all the way. almost.)

and here is the LL topic.

And welcome :wave: and keep it up! You’ll get lucid soon enough.

Thanks that was a big help. I will have to do the whole Lucid Living thing. Tonight I am going to try visualization. I have though up this room and if I dream about it I am pretty sure I will get lucid since that is what I was thinking about “creating” it for. I guess it is kinda like CALD except it is a room. Anyways thanks again your help is much appreciated.

Well, no LDs last night. I had a really long kinda cool then weird ND though. I tried wild after I woke up in the night, but I think i got my mind too awake and couldn’t go back to sleep keeping it so aware. I think I am getting closer to lucidity because in my dreams now I have this nagging feeling that something is out of place. Do/did any of you have that feeling? If so have you ever acted upon it and how. Thanks for the help.

Ok, so I have been trying to do WILD for a while now and am having a little trouble. I have been doing it before I go to sleep as mainly a meditation type thing as well as whenever I wake up in the night. I have no problem not moving for ling periods of time and keeping my mind awake when doing it before sleep, but I never get to the HI and can’t fall asleep while keeping my mind awake. When I do it during the night (usually 5-6 hours after falling asleep I can’t keep my mind awake and I fall asleep too fast. No HI then either.
When I am doing WILD I get to where I can’t feel my arms and it feels like I can’t move though I know I can if i try, But I don’t come detached from the feeling in my torso and legs as much.
Any help is much appreciated. I probably won’t be able to check this for about a week unless you reply real fast haha. But anyways Thanks a lot.

I also fall asleep too fast in the night. What I’ve been trying with interesting results is trying to keep my eyes open. As soon as you notice they have closed on their own (because they will!) try to open them again. Keep repeating this until you actually open your dream eyes in a LD! I haven’t gotten that far though, what happens is I end up falling asleep anyway (although I resist longer :tongue:) but I end up having a DILD. I guess it helps carry some awareness into the dream… just something to try out.

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks. :content:

Oh, and I’m curious about what do people use for motivation to write their dreams down in a dream journal? I know that writing them down will help me in getting lucid but if i remember my dreams when I wake up I usually don’t forget them for a day or two. I try to but unless the dream was really epic I just don’t (I am quite lazy). I am not a morning person at all (more like a 2 in the afternoon person :lol: ). I think that is why I have such a hard time writing them down. Suggestions are awesome. Thanks.

I know what you mean :sad: Willpower! It’s the only way I’ve found :tongue: you just have to ofrce yourself, I guess. It gets a bit easier when you get used to it. Now a days I wake up in the middle of the night, turn on the lights and write my dreams down. Not always easy, but a couple months ago completely un-doable :lol:

I guess it’s easier to get motivation when you start seeing that writing dreams down really pays off :wink:

Yeah, I know what you mean. I managed to write them down last night, and I hope that it becomes a continuing habit.

Yes! :woo: Great work. ^^ Every little step counts. I’m rooting for you :wink:

I managed to write down my dreams again there were like six.
I have a question. Do any of you wake up with headaches? Since I have started trying to get lucid I have been waking up with minor headaches haha. Normally the more dreams I remember the worse it is. It’s probably got something to do with my neck problems, or how I am sleeping. I don’t really mind though they fade fast and are totally worth it if it is from the dream recall.

I have tried this and think it is a good idea. I just wanted to share it. new WILD/VILD method testers wanted

Next day:

I had a LD tonight! But my vision was blurry and choppy. Putting on my glasses solved the blurriness (yes I have glasses in RL) but the choppiness continued only getting a slight bit better. Any suggestions? I know the whole “Clarity now” and stuff but I didn’t have the time to do so that night. What do you do in your LDs to increase clarity?

Oh, and dream journal still going good so far. :wink: