Was this a Lucid dream?

I was tired so i lay down on my bed to rets a little. i fell asleep. first i Dreamed that i was looking up on the sky and it was covered in clouds in different Yellow, Orange, and red color variations. and i see the sun, it is shining very brightly orange. in the sun there is a chicken…the chicken has it’s head turned to the right, gaping. in it’s mouth there is another chicken… and it continues to more and more chickens, maybe five or four. the last chicken is very small, but it is white, not like the rest. it was shining very sharply.

Then i was standing in my room, it was blurry. I realized that it was a dream. i put my two index-fingers together, they kinda sunk in to each other. i touched the wall, but it was hard. i was expecting that i could put my hand through it. then i woke up.

I have had several dreams before that i am falling. I am afraid but then i realize it is a dream. that’s when it gets fun. :colgate:

The dreams where i am falling, i have had them as long as i can remember,but i didn’t know that they’re just dreams until a little while back. then suddenly i knew that almost all of my dreams were not real. I rarely remember my dreams.

I have read a little in this forum a few months back. but i didn’t really try to get lucid. And now i think that i have had one…Even though it only lasted Five to Ten seconds.

By the way: Does anyone have the slightest idea what the chicken dream was about?


If you realized you were in a dream, then it would be a lucid dream :content:

Yes, but this was my first dream where i could walk around in my room as if it was real. To do sertain stuff. how do you do it? just walk right through the wall, or make things pop up at will?


In my opinion the number one rule with dream control is that you have to fully expect things to happen the way you want them to. With some practice you will be able to make things appear out of thin air, fly the possibilities are endless. But, in the end it all comes down to expectations. If you have even the slightest doubt that something will work then it might not. You also have to unlearn the limitations from your waking life. In the beginning we bring those limitations with us into the dream world but, with practice you will learn to let go of those limitations.

Ephesus I agree u had a short lucid dream!
Congrats! :content:

Like milod879 says expectations indeed are important.
U have to live them not just think them but really experience them, feel them.
Dreams are a stage of consciousness of pure association…and there for strongly linked to your memory also.

An association is like when u lay on your couch with eyes closed and i say the word “Rose” to you, and you then c a rose deep of colour in front of you and smell it to, thats pure association, then the rose is there in your experience.

Listen to the Wise Words of Jeff and milod789. You can do anything in dreams. The only blocking factor is your own mind, containing all the restricting rules and expectations from waking life. Once you’ve learned to leave all these behind, you will be REALLY free in your dreams.

Good luck :smile:

I’m not in the position of answering your question. You’re the only one who can. However, if it was my dream I would probably interprete it this way:

In general, I feel the dream has an important message. The images are very strong, though the true meaning is clouded in symbols. Hence these questions:

Question 1: why the coloured sky?

I always interprete skies as symbols of my state of mind. The coloured clouds seem to indicate a sense of creativity. Perhaps I am already creative irl, or this could be a message telling me it is the right time to use my creativity, perhaps by creating coloured poetry or nice paintings…
What also strikes me is a correlation between the colours and the chakras. Each of these chakras has its own colour. Perhaps it also indicates subtle positive changes irl, caused by heightened chakra activity. Creativity can be one of them, but the mixture of several colours seem to indicate these changes may develop on several levels:
Red indicates 1st chakra activity: an improved health, more grounding, a closer connection with family members and overcoming fear.
Yellow indicates 3rd chakra activity: a higher self-esteem, more activity and energy and a general increase in power.
Orange indicates 2nd chakra activity: a better emotional balance, perhaps combined with increased sexual pleasures.
The mixing of the colours might indicate it’s not a strict influence of every element I’ve mentioned, but more a combination of several elements, possibly only noticed on a very subtle level.

Question 2: what’s the connection between a chicken and a bright orange sun?

Chickens are yellow, the sun is orange… The meaning of the chicken itself is not clear… Perhaps the importance lies not in the symbolism of the chicken, but in the Russian doll aspect.
The colours - yellow & orange - seem to indicate that the most profound change might occur on the emotional level, combined with an increase in energy.

Question 3: what’s the meaning of the chickens who are pushed into each other like a Russian doll?

Now that’s the most interesting aspect of the whole dream. Russian doll imagery often symbolizes hidden layers of personality. Beyond the outer visible skin, there are other aspect of your personality, layer upon layer. They can’t be revealed unless you open yourself and break through the outer mask. I have a feeling that this layering contains a message in itself, apart from the rest of the story.

Question 4: why was the last chicken white and shining?

After peeling off the layers, a bright shining chicken emerges. This is very strong symbolism! The peeling of the layers can also be seen as an inward quest to the deeper layers of my personality. Ultimately I might arrive at the heart, where a bright light shines through everything. Perhaps this symbolizes the essence of myself? Because it happened in the orange sun, and knowing that orange is the colour of the solar plexus chakra, perhaps there’s a connection between finding the essence of myself and solar plexus activity? Only one way to find out :smile:

This interpretation may be only one of many, but my intuition tells me I’m not somewhere off-track. To get the most out of this dream, more interpreting is necessary. Perhaps even a dream reentry to ask for more explanations. Dream reentry often helps to lay connections between dream situations and waking life experiences, and to make these connections clear for interpretation.

Perhaps you recognize some of the things I mentioned, perhaps you don’t… Either way, this is really the only way I can treat your question, because dream symbolism is a unique language constructed out of a unique mental blueprint and only the creator of this language can understand it. That is why I said “if it was my dream”. Perhaps the chicken in the sun hasn’t got anything to do with chakras. Perhaps in your case it means that you must enjoy the nice weather and start a chicken farm. Only you can tell :smile:

Hope this gave you some insights though :smile: The rest is now up to you.

Good luck :wink:

Thank you, all.

mystic: That was a very interesting explanation. I think that some of it might correct.

Is it easier to become lucid in naps? I only slept for two hours.

Glad to hear it helped a bit :content:

Generally speaking, yes. During afternoon naps, you almost instantly enter REM sleep (I thought it was due to low tryptophan levels). This seems to make it easier to recognize you’re dreaming.

Unfortunately I have never succeeded in taking such a nap :cry:

Well, some people gets annoyed and frustrated if they do not fall asleep in Thirty minutes. Some gets frustrated after Five minutes. If you lay in your bed, not thinking about sleeping, just thinking about how good the bed is, and that you don’t have to sleep. Just enjoy it.

Of course you would have to be patient, but it gets better.

I was going to try MILD. I set the timer to wake me up Six hours later…Of course i never woke up :tongue:

So i’m going to try to stay awake for more than 24 hours since that is more suitable for me.

Anything i should know before i begin?

I have read something about “Spirit Guides” Could someone explain?

And has anyone encountered a locked door which they could not open or go through?

Thx I’ll try that :content:

Instead of staying awake for 24 hours, you could go to bed like you normally do and then repeat to yourself that you WILL wake up when the timer goes off. Repeat this several times and imprint the message in your subconsciousness. Always go to bed around the same time, and set the timer at the same hour. In time, you will wake up everytime when the timer goes off. With practice, even your mental clock might be activated, waking you up a few minutes before the timer goes off.

In short, spirit guides are dream beings (animals, humans or fantasy creatures) who guide you through dreamland. They often teach you important lessons about dreams and life in general. It is said that whenever you’re ready, or when you approach an important crossroad in your life, you will encounter these guides. Check out the BIG Spirit Guide Topic - part 2: https://community.ld4all.com/t/the-big-spirit-guide-topic-part-ii/8327

Not that I know of…