Was this a lucid dream?

Last night I had a dream were i wasn’t sure if i was lucid or not. When I woke up… I remember in the dream i did my reality checks and i could stretch the skin on my hand pretty far and i could breath while pinching my nose but for some reason I dont think it clicked that i was dreaming because when i woke up it just felt like a normal dream… when you wake up from a lucid dream is it meant to feel like it was a real day that just happened yesterday? or is it meant to feel like a normal dream… Im really confussed…

Hey HobolnRed,

I think you got vere close to it, but no, this wasn’t a lucid dream (perhaps it was a semi-lucid dream). The dream will probably have felt kind of confusing because you knew something wasn’t right… (I actually had the same last night, I checked a clock in the dream and it read 16:31, I checked it again a few seconds later and it said 19:… I got really confused but it didn’t click)

I can’t speak for everyone, but usually when I have a lucid dream, it is way more vivid than a normal dream, like the normal “fog” a dream has, has been lifted, or perhaps switching from normal to HD video’s. I also find them way more easy to remember than an ND. I think you’ll notice when you have a real lucid dream That you will also have a different mindstate. It’s a kind of feelng that you will surely recognise when you feel it… So no, to me a LD feels unmistakably different :wink:
I hope this helps :happy:

Thanks for the reply, is there anything i can do to increase lucidity? Or to increase my chances of having a lucid dream tonight

First, don’t worry, I’ve experienced this to before I had my first. It actually means that you’re effort of Trying to get LD’s is actually getting through to your dreams :content:

For advice, When you do a RC in real life, try to really put your feeling into it and try to really question the whole world you see around you. Then try to form a conclusion to why this is the real world (or not :wink: ) :confused:

To increase your chances, I suggest Making rules in your head for RC’s. For example, everytime I walk into a new room, do a reality check. Or anything you do at a regular basis through the day. As you will probably do something like this in a dream to. You can also read some techniques here: ld4all.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30 If you’re new to this I suggest reading up on MILD
I’d also suggest you read an article on making your LD stable as the first one are likely to dissapear soon when you realize you are dreaming
A usefull article on this: https://community.ld4all.com/t/prolonging-lucid-dreams/24077

Good Luck! And don’t stop trying, Because it is really awesome when it works! :happy: