watching memories on TV

I’ve always thought about trying this in a LD. After becoming lucid you go in your living room or wherever your at and find a TV. Then turn it on and watch memories of yourself from when you were 10 or 15 or whatever. and maybe click a button on the remote that lets you watch in in 3rd person view or in 1st person view. Just think of a date and start watching a scene from your life. How cool would this be to watch a scene of your life when you were a little kid you could see what t shirt you wearing or what toy you were playing with something you could possibly not of remembered IRL unless you watched it on that TV in your lucid dream! Then when you wake up with that memory would be fresh in your head a memory of 20 or more years ago fresh in your head (that you consciously never knew about)as if it occurred yesterday. I’ve always wanted to try this but i haven’t been lucid lately. have any of you done anything like this before ?

Wow, that does sound pretty cool. I mean, the mind stores a ton of details when it makes a memory, but we don’t remember many of them at all. Maybe if you did this then you could notice the details again and pick up on things that you couldn’t possibly have when you were so young. It’s definitely worth a try, I think.

Creativity like this is very useful in dreams :smile: I think this is a good method.

The only problem with this would be getting the TV to show your memories. Whenever I try to do something similar with a TV in my dreams, all I end up seeing is random gibberish. Other than that, this sounds like a pretty good idea. If you could get the TV to show your memories, they would probably be pretty accurate.


This is a very good method to remember things but will not work for completely forgotten memories. The reason for this is that there are multiple stages to memory, encoding, storage and retrieval. :eek:


When the brain thinks, see’s something, tastes something, feel’s something, smells something or anything else it try to change this into data which it can store in the brain’s “memory”. Sometimes, this fails for some reason, perhaps it was uncomprohendable or perhaps the brain quickly moved onto something else so it couldn’t encode the data into brain form. If this happens the memory is completely forgotten or leaves only fragments. There is no way you can retrieve the memory if this happens. :mirror:


Once the brain has understood the data, it starts the next stage. It starts to store the data into either short-term memory or long-term memory depending on how much it is though about at the time. Pretty much the same as the above part^^^, if this goes wrong the data cannot be retrieved and is gone.


This stage is very different, if the other 2 stages have completed successfully, the memory is safe. This is the final stage and as you can probably guess from the name it is about getting the data. During this process, if the brain fails to retrieve it, the memory is not forgotten, but can not be remembered at the time. The memory is untouched.

As I read somewhere “Most memories aren’t forgotten, they are put into boxes.”. The saying means that most (not all) memories are put into different boxes according to importance.

I hope that all the above makes sense to everyone because it certainly didn’t when I first discovered it :razz: .

Rich :smile:

Heh, I had an idea like this that I mentioned, I think, back in 2008. Mine was to go into a recycling bin(got the idea from the computer recycling bin) where all of your old memories would be stored and you could look at them. I have to say that your idea is a bit better than mine though. =P

Another thing you could do is kinda merge what you said and the box thing rcslaney mention into one thing. You could find these boxes that your memory is stored in and look through them. You could imagine the memories as DVDs with dates and times on them that you could put into a DVD player and watch.

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This would be amazing for finding lost things, forgotten passwords, and just for the fun of it. XD It would be amazing if you could actually ‘delete’ memories, even though I doubt that’s possible. I’m gonna try this out tonight. :razz: I’ll post how it goes.

If you could delete memories through hypnosis, then why not through lucid dreams? Deleting memories in LDs probably would be possible, but I doubt it would be a good idea…

or also if when when your watching the memories on the TV. what would be cool is to walk right into the tv and experience that day in your past again. and maybe even do things a little different and see how all your dream characters react. Just flip thorugh memories and be like, Oh that was a cool day i think i’ll walk into the tv and re-live it!

That sounds pretty interesting. I’d definately like to try it!!

There was actually a quest about memories back in 2006. One option was to watch your memories on television. I figured you guys might be interested in reading the dreams people posted about this :content:

A prob with deleting some of your memories would be that you can’t remember eleting it otherwise you would remember it/

Well it’d be something you’d have to be 100% about. Its not like if I were to do it, I’d delete something important. Just like, bad childhood memories, or anything. If I were to do it, what would I do? I dont think it’d be as simple as pressing a button.

And @ rcslaney, it would probably end with you knowing you deleted something, but not knowing what.

Well, one idea would be to decide some unimportant yet memorable piece of info to delete beforehand, and write yourself a note explaining your intention before entering the dream state… That could work (though you’ll likely build up the strength of that one memory somewhat, but that could work to enhance the validity of any result I guess)