WBTB help please

I tried WBTB 2 times without success , what is the secret of this techniuqe ? hwo can you be master in it ? do you have any tips about doing the perfect WBTB ?

I hope you havge some answers :wink:

there is an article int he knowledge base named “how to make sure your WBTB wont fail”. read it first.
i have few tips.

  1. you will find that you will have to wake up 5-6 hours after you sleep. it is only a general principle. it generally varies from person to person. the idea is that you should wake up when you really feel like sleeping. it will not work when all your need for sleep is satisfied.
  2. then stay awake for 1/2 to 1 hour, until you wake yourself up completely. you should not feel drowsy.
    3.then you have to sleep again which should be a little difficult because you are wide awake now but is still possible since you did not sleep for long time before.
    WBTB is highly flexible technique. i sleep for just two hours and then stay awake for 1-2 hours and sleep again. you have to find the right schedule for you. you may also refer to “faster WBTB” post

Kalyan’s right, you can start there and find what works for you. Some people don’t even stay awake for WBTB but immediately WILD.
Good luck!

oh thanks for the helping infromation ! :wink:

How To Make Sure Your WBTBs Don’t Fail - It’s an article I wrote a few years ago for the LD4all Knowledge base.

thanks Darxide ! I’ll try that :smile:

No problem. :cheesy: Good luck.