WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! YEEEEHHHHAAAAAAA!!! 8D :happy: :cool_laugh: :happy:


Now PasckyWhale can kick back and relax and let his trusty moderators get to work again.



could pasQuale possibly add any more pink and purple to stop people from thinking she’s a male! :happy:
:grin: I laugh each time I see this mistake. . . thanks Ed. :thumbs:


Ed, did you just cale pasQuale a male whale?

Yah, your hard :clap: work is deeply appreciated, otherwise the internet would just be another useless tool, Thanks Pasquale

I have absolutely no idea, I am loony. :cool_laugh:



I personally think of gender identity as being a continuum (similar to how sexual orientation is), as opposed to two strictly opposite states. What am I trying to say? I have absolutely no idea. This paragraph doesn’t exist. You are lallucinating. Or dreaming. One of the two. Go do a reality check just to be on the safe side.

However, don’t get me started on the colour thing. I will argue with you until I’m blue in the face that pink doesn’t automatically equal feminine. I for one am a male who really likes colours like pink and yellow, and yet I wouldn’t call myself “gay” (not that it should matter if I was anyway).

HOWEVER, after such a long-winded start, I will now appologise to PaskWarly. I am sorry for forgetting that you are a girl and not a boy. Please don’t blame me. Blame the fact that I forgot to take my tablets.

Well, laughter is the meaning of life. It’s official. Ask anyone who knows anything, and they’ll tell you. And if they don’t, they’re lying. And probably a secret Government agent plotting to abduct your pet gerbil.



P.S. It’s hot here in England. Hotter than should be allowed.

great job man… i was starting to tune back to ld4all and was wondering where it was…

i was about to write this in all caps. phew.

When will you guys ever learn??
It is “great job GIRL” not not “great job MAN” did we not JUST have a discussion about this? :happy:

anyway purple used to be my favorite color. plus I always liked the red power ranger the most. I preferred Robin over Batman for some reason.
You know we really should have stuff like this in our info, like displayed right under our names when we post. it would make it a lot easier on us. For instance, I didn’t know Tripper was female until I read most of her dream diary. It was quite a setback for my mind’s “picture” of her mental structure.

Good idea.

pasQuale, what do you think?

yep, it’s already on the to do list… I have to to an upgrade for the forum first, after that i can add it :smile:

upgrade will be sometimes in the near future, don’t worry, i’ll warn, and it won’t take so long as the moving.

YAY!!! :partying_face:

I’m so glad that the forum is back up. I was having a hard time too…I kept thinking of things I wanted to post on the forum and then realising I couldn’t. Many, many congratulations to pasQuale for devoting so much of her time to the forum. :thumbs: I am of the firm opinion that it is the best forum on the net. Its at least the best one I’ve ever found. I think its mostly due to the people…nobody on here is a jerk. Everyone is nice. In addition to that, we have great people like pasQuale who really care about the forum and improve and maintain it. It all makes me happy… :content:

Also, the idea about your gender being shown under your avatar is a good one. I’m all for it. I was actually wishing we had something like that a few weeks ago, after looking at another forum that had it. Quale, after you take a good long vacation, it would be cool if you added that feature to the forum.

Anyway, I guess thats about it…I’ll throw in one last expression of happiness for good measure.

:partying_face: :doublegrin: :thumbs: