As Moogle as said in the Quest for November of my completed quest, I achieved it with a, and this is the funny part, a Wolf Game Induced Lucid Dream. Although just a joke, this actually happened, and it almost happened last night as well to me, as I had wolfgame scenarios in my ND as well. This game is quite engorging, and I suggest you to join it. I think it will encourage many more LD’s for me. Moogle, if you get this, your hilarious. :tongue:

:rofl: well the game has been known to incubate lots of WG dreams, we even have a topic in stuff

The Wolfgame Dream Collection

that same thing happened to me with diablo 2 a long time ago… i fell asleep then was pretty much back in the game

That happened to me too. Let’s just say, that I played that game so much, that I ended up selling my Battle.net account for $300 :wink:
Yes that game is a nice place to visit in LD’s. Many things in there. I think I also once had a ND nightmare with Baal: Lord of Destruction. GAH!! :scream: