What do you see?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the darker it is, the more vivid these things are.
I just tried turning off my lights in the room to prove it.
You could also cover your whole vision with your hands.

Interesting, reminded me of the day where when I closed my eyes I would see interesting images created from webs of light. I specifically remember what looked like red light forming a spiderweb which faded from view and some multi-coloured circles and symbols came up in its place. I noticed how quickly they change too. I haven’t tried focusing on the images much lately, but I think that how well you can focus or meditate effects whether or not you see any images or how intense they are.

:lol: I dont even need my eyes closed to see these moving dots (although I cannot see them when in sunlight :tongue:) and thats the way Ive worked for my entire life, so Ive never experienced total blackness either

I’m not sure it’s what you mean, but if you are talking about something I’ve heard called ‘the void’ I have experienced this. The moving colours are a mix of things I believe, the ones you see when first closing your eyes are usually essentially static that is caused by random firing of neurons in your eyes. Later they are basically a form of HI. I too get this. The ‘void’ experience was one that I encountered when trying WILD once. I was in an extremely relaxed state and suddenly I felt disconnected from my body, life and everything. It was as if I was floating in nothingness alone. The blackness I saw then was blacker than even when eyes are closed and covered in a dark room.

I personally found the experience extremely relaxing and would love to repeat it. I have spoken to others though who found it to be disturbing and felt incredibly lonely.

I see clouds only when I’m not drowsy. When I’m even a little bit drowsy I see clear images, which stay more and more in front of my eyes as I get closer to sleep.

This happens to me too, i see black sometimes, but there are usually shapes and moving things on my eyelids! :wow: :wow:

I’ll take the opportunity to ask—this has always bugged me a little. When you get low blood pressure and your vision fades, do you also see a bee hive–like pattern?

When I close my eyes, I see colorful tracers, and things that look like ink splotches everywhere. Depending on my mood, I can sometimes see actual objects of varying detail.

Things really get crazy when I’m having a panic attack, when I get derealization, when I’m very tired, or if i’m incredibly sad/depressed.

Plain nothingness here :bored:

Hmm, I don’t.
I’m pretty sure everyone sees different things tho.
Some may see colorful circles, for example.

Join the Club :content:

I don’t get. You should see at least some colored circles on a dark background (or otherwise). At least something. I can’t imagine closing my eyes and seeing pure blackness.

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Like I said earlier, I see black also. It’s not that we “should” see something. That seems like a stereotype. It’s like, I tell you all to imagine the sky your sky is gonna all be different colours. Some people can’t even imagine -just- the sky, some can’t imagine the sky at all. I don’t ever see anything, it’s even hard to force myself to imagine something. It just doesn’t work… There’s nothing wrong or abnormal about it. It’s just how some of us are.

i feel like some will say they don’t see it, but that’s because they’re not looking in the right way

There’s no right or wrong way to look. I have seen nothing my whole life. I really don’t think it’s a matter of “looking right”

I see red, blue, and green blotches of color. When I’m stressed I see flashing lights, and when I’m really angry, I see only red.

Iv’e tried looking deeply for quite a while, but no colours atall. ^^ It’s just nice and black which is very relaxing in it’s own way for me, a Blank canvas I can work on and let my imagination roam free.

Ditto. Sometimes I can feel like I can make geometric shapes, though. Which is weird because I hate math generally. :eek:

I tend to not look at my eyes when I start, I normally look up into my mind. And sometimes amazing images just come out of knowhere. ^^

I will try looking abit more closely now at what I see whilst meditating or something. Just to double check? lol :content: