What happened to me?

Hi, I didn’t know where to post this…

Recently before I went to sleep I found myself feeling heavier in my bed, I felt like the air was heavy and was pushing me down, and right after that my eyes started blinking extremely rapidly even though they were closed, and as that happened I gradually felt lighter and slightly faint, I started to feel a bit confused so I opened my eyes to find my self awake, and very sweaty. That was it and when I tried to go back to sleep I fell asleep normally. When my eyes were blinking rapidly all I could see was a dark blue rather then black.

I’m not sure what happened…

This happens now, every time that I close my eyes when I’m tired but try to stay awake as hard as I can. :help:

It’s the beginning of WILD. You should read up on it :smile: I’ll edit in a link :smile:

edit… WILD a user friendly tutorial

You were beginning to enter sleep paralysis and experiencing some major hypnogogia, I think. If you had done it right, you would have gotten an easy lucid dream out of it. For more info on sleep paralysis and hypnogogia, click the links.

Sorry for the offsite link: there’s no LD4All article on Hypnogogia so rather than link to a topic somewhere that might have mixed info, I linked to Wikipedia.

Thanks Scipio Xaos and Moogle, those links explained everything and have made me more curious about having a lucid dream.

I would actually argue if it was WILD or SP or anything like that. It is actually a very common feeling to experience when you are totally relaxed and ready for sleep. The numbness and lightness is caused by relaxed muscles. The rapid eye blinking simply happens when you are relaxed and focus on your eyes. Nothing WILD’ish or SP’ish here. Just basic relaxation. Your body wants to sleep, but you keep it awake.