What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part IV

I was back in school, my friend threw a check at Orlando Bloom, I’m the manager of a band and someone’s written Phor on one of my erasers, that may not seem very significant but I’m very touchy about my erasers :gni:

I missed one last night where I was being chased by gun wielding gangsters to avoid them I jumped off a roof and dangled of a steel pole suspended in the air.

I was about to do the nose RC, but in my sleep-induced hazy state of mind I couldn’t recall whether I should use my real hand or my dream hand to plug my nose, and ended up moving my real arm. (which woke me up)

I missed the a huge dream sign last night, The text LD writing on somebody’s skin which was then cut off and shown to me by a DC.

I justified a successful nose plug RC with me having a runny nose and that is why I could breath.

Quote from a dream:

mysterious stranger: “Hey man, your dreaming!”
me: “bah,”

Well, since this topic seems to be bumped again, my latest one outside of the usual stuff (my dreams being on other worlds, having incredible circumstances, etc etc.) would have to be homework. I had a homework assignment due tomorrow that I thought I finished but I realized I’d barely even started it! My school’s been out for a month now! :grrr:


I’ve been driving around in a car by myself with a driver’s license and I also got my own car.

This is a split topic, Part V, the next part, can be found here :dragon: