What huge dreamsign have you missed lately Part VI

I had a dream where I was running at the side of a futuristic tank with a samurai sword (in fact, I seem to have a lot of dreams about samurai swords, sjould make it a dreamtheme) against enemies with laser rifles… it was so obvious it hurt

Last night, John Locke from Lost was explaining this new reality check he had developed, it involved a big fish tank with a huge aquarium, wich he had set up next to the road… :grin:

Oh god i felt so stupid this morning cause I missed a few things in my dreams last night:

I read text and I couldn’t actually read it, but I imagined what I wanted to be there and used that.

I went to use the restroom and noticed that my genitalia was extremely long, thin, and oddly colored. I of course shrugged this off and just used the bathroom anyways.

My new reality check is being around people and I forgot to use this, as well as a reoccurring theme that I seem to have now of being in an old house I used to live in.


For me…just about everything. Last night for instance, it was seeing the moon, period. Which I used to see in my dreams all the time. But this time I was trying to make out its aura, and these circular rainbows emerged out of it and started to grow as I kept looking…

But if you want something more entertaining there was that one time where a statue of a Mongolian warrior came to life and was starting to fight with people. I just ran away.

I had a dream where me and my friends were trying to go to sleep to have a lucid dream. :crazy:

At the end of my dream, there was a State Trooper car that pulled up, with Huge White Letters on the back that said DREAM SERVICE, and had an old lady inside with a pad and pen. Yes I missed it, because I knew I had to go, so I don’t think I could stay or something along those lines.

I gave myself a huge dream sign right before falling asleep at 4AM. (WBTB)
I told myself, "I will dream that I am naked and realize that I am dreaming.
Well sure enough, I find myself naked in a dream, but it was in my own bedroom, so it did not trigger lucidity. :dingding:
Guess I should have phrased it a bit better, namely, “I will dream that I am naked IN PUBLIC and realize that I am dreaming.”
Tonight I will.

These missed dream signs are so funny. :content:

My latest one was, I couldn’t remember the date. I was wondering if it was February, May, April…
I even stopped in my tracks and wondered,“How come I don’t know the date, or even what month it is?” I was wondering why I couldn’t remember.

And days before this dream, retracing my steps and knowing my place and date have been part of my Reality checks!

Recently, I’ve missed quite a lot of dreamsigns. Here’s a some of them:

A newspaper headline changed every time I read it. Then I just thought “Oh, right, they recently started to make newspapers with that new type of transforming paint …”.

In another dream I said “Would be great if this was a dream, so that I could just fly out the window”. I also put my hand through a mirror, but I didn’t really question it.

In addition I had a dream where I dreamt that I was unable to get back to sleep after awakening in the middle of the night. After a while, I said; “What if this is a dream? Hmmm, no. This is real.” I didn’t do a reality check since I was 100 % sure that I were awake. I should’ve remembered that every time I seriously question whether I dream or not, I’m dreaming.

Too many lately :sigh:

And that I was observing a dawn in Norway?? :unk:

:happy: There was a time I did an RC of jumping into the air. I floated down very slowly and said to myself,“Oh yeah, the Earth is getting aligned to another planet and therefore the gravitational force is decreasing.” :tongue:

Just an hour ago I dreamed of my favorite DC. Haven’t seen her in almost a year. She is my best dream friend and a Huge Dream sign to me. missed it!

I have been doing nothing but missing dreamsigns! :ding:
Night before last I went to to a hair salon at 5 in the morning to get my hair died. I have never done that so that should have triggered something (1) While in the hair salon they didn’t have the color I wanted so I told the guy there I was going home and crawl back in bed so I still had a chance of becoming lucid. (2)
Once I got home I crawled in bed with the hopes of becoming lucid (3)
Then out of nowhere guests arrived, my friends from New York, I did not think that was odd at all (4). I got so upset with them waking me that I was trying to scream out of frustration but no sound came out (5) then I started banging the walls with my fists but it didn’t hurt and didn’t make any noise (6). I then started tossing things and accidentally broke the window while tossing a glass bottle. The big shards fell down, and I looked out of the window, worried I might have hurt someone. I was about 3 stories high, my house was not my own (7). Then I ended up on the street and decided to stand on top of an amplifier that was moving forward (8 ) while stretching my arms out to my side. I told my brother who was carrying the guitar that I was pretending that I was flying like in my lucid dreams (9). I never see my brother seeing as he lives in Taiwan (10)
TEN big dreamsigns all in a row! what is wrong with my head? :ohno:

Let me guess Kauai, I bet your not doing enough RC’s . But wow, that DR is good!

Lately I’ve had confusing dreams about going to class even though I’m not in school over the summer. I should catch on to that one.

I had a test, I went to class. I was in my elementary school, and the class was massively deformed, the other people in the class were all my friends that I didn’t know back then, and never went to my elementary. And to top this off, the test question #6 was ‘The 50:50 song’ which made no sense at all. I didn’t know what class it was. And to make it that much better, it happened during during summer vacation, so I should’ve realized that it was a dream the second I ended up in school.

And another one, I was browing the LD4all forums, and saw some dude’s signature that said “Do an RC!” I thought to myself, nah, i’m awake. Lol was I ever wrong. XD

Lately Iv’e been having Dreams where I’m part of a map in a game I regularly play.

3 out of my last 5 dreams Iv’e been in one and Iv’e failed to realise Iv’e been dreaming. I also remember thinking during one of my dreams about a movie I watched just before I went to bed but failed to pick up on.

It would be great to become Lucid in a dream :lucid:

So today I was on my way home. I used a very unusual way, which I haven’t used for months. For a while there was a girl walking in front of me and she had these huge fake black butterfly wings on her back. I thought it was kind of funny going around like this.
A moment after that, I looked aroud me precisely, taking in my surroundings like buildings etc, and thought -I wonder why I don’t pay much attention to my surroundings in dreams, I bet it can’t be as detailed and real as this- like I often do. I consider it kind of a RC, you know, trying to find something weird…

Of course I was in a dream. -___- but it didn’t hit me.

So I continue walking and near my house I notice this neigbour’s house, it looks completely different. I think -oh, that’s weird. They keep rebuilding their house like this.- (it had two parts instead of one, it was ruined and all their furniture and things vere tossed around the garden -__-; yeah.)

in front of our house, there were some people, selling something. I walked past them and overheard “Oh, yes it sells better when they are high. You know, those kids have marijuana and stuff…”
I remember my classmates and think -lol, yeah…-

and even when I was in our house, I noticed a HUGE pack of dog food. It had a really big letters on it, saying “BAD DOG” …
I thought it was a weird thing to write on a dog food, so I looked at it again, and this time there was “DOG FOOD” I was pleased with this and went to my room.


I’ve missed a bunch. But one that makes me laugh the most is having actor/comedian Jim Carey as my b/f. lol

Last night there was this anthropomorphic catman in my dream, and I remember shouting, “Does this make any sense to you either?!” And the night before I was a man, and I actually examined my stubby fingers and picked at my chest hair and I knew something was off, but I didn’t quite make the connection.

My copy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World multiplied in front of me.
I’m not upset though.