What is best?

Hi im new to ld4all, and new to the whole lucid dreaming idea as well.
I have just started learning to remember my dreams and can remember only one each night at the moment.
I have been reading up about LD alot during the past week and am especially interested in WILD as this is the technique I would like to learn the most. I know ive still got along way to go before im a competent LDer.

My Question is should I dive straght in and go for this technique straight away without any experience at LD before hand?
and is it likely that i would be able to achieve it this way? (as i know this technique is seen as more difficult to achieve and can scary side effects like sleep paralisis)
also would attempting this lessen my chances of having a LD with the MILD technique in the same night?
or would it be a better use of my time to gain experience with MILD first and then when im a solid LDer move on to WILD?

Sorry my Questions all over the place :smile:

You may want to go for the MILD in hopes for a DILD first since becoming lucid from within a dream seems to be less dramatic in terms of intense bodily sensations and overall outrageousness…even though things are typical quite outrageous from within the dream itself. It seems though, that when I become lucid from within a dream, I can absorb the outrageousness more readily for some reason. Also, I’ve had an easier time with DILD’s in the past than WILD’s…so you may want to get some success with those first to avoid the frustration of not getting a WILD right off the bat. But who knows? Maybe you’ll launch right into the WILD’s straight away! You may be a natural (as are many here). I am definitely NOT a natural :smile: It took me many many months to get even my first DILD…but I’m a slow learner :wink:

If it is likely that you will get your first LD by WILD depends on you. But be aware that WILD is not suggested for beginners and can be highly frustrating. I agree with glypheye, maybe you should go for MILD at first. However, a WILD doesn’t lessen your chances to get a MILD at all. Some failed WILD attempts do result into a LD nevertheless because you were doing some kind of mantra, had more awareness etc. Keep in your mind though that it shouldn’t matter to you with which technique you achieve a LD as long as you do achieve one.

Also about your DR. You said it yourself: “only one each night”. That’s pretty good for the beginning, but I suggest that you try to improve your DR more before you begin with using any technique. Moreover, awareness is the main key to LD’ing. So, when you decide to do a technique, MILD, WILD or whatever, work also on your awareness: RC’s, LL, questioning your reality and so on. DR is not only so important because you are likely to forget (big parts of) your LD’s when your DR is not as good as it should be, but also because recording your dreams provides you with a sense of what your dreams are like, how you behave in a dream and what your DS are. This all is an important part of the awareness thing which will make it easier for you to become lucid.

You started just like I would suggest… First dream recall. Basic thing, right? After that I would suggest MILD but feel free to combine it with WBTB and WILD. I mean WBTB is good either for MILD and WILD. So after WBTB when you’re in your bed trying to fall asleep you can do MILD but there is no hurt if you try WILD to… But I would do WILD just to see how long I can keep my awareness[when I started with lucid dreaming] and with time I adjusted WILD to myself. You should keep in mind that WILD is just a: oh, well I will try this, no biggie" technique :grin: . If you understand me!?

Doing that you will do WBTB and MILD and you are simultaneously experimenting with WILD. By that you will stay awake longer then usually therefore you will maintain awareness for longer time which could reflect on the dream: recall, vividness, life like “mode”, etc.

Also I would suggest this tech, I don’t see problem in combining as much techniques as I can. Of course if you don’t feel like doing in that way then don’t because it’s going to do more damage then good.

Good luck with lucid dreaming and if you have any more questions feel free to ask! :content:

I always stress the importance of good self-confidence - make sure you really believe in your own skills, because anyone with enough ambition and confidence can learn to lucid dream; it works a lot like a placebo effect, it minimizes your mental blocks and allows your brain to more easily accept the possibility to lucid dream.

That said, the most important thing to focus on is to write down your dreams with as much detail as possible.
This will allow you to become familiar with your dreams so you can more easily notice something common that will tell you it’s a dream (those things are called “dreamsigns”) - secondly, it trains your brain to pay more attention to details, which will actually make your dreams more and more vivid and life-like, which will make you overall more “awake” during the dreams.

Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) is also a great aiding technique for beginners, since it dramatically increases your chances to stay aware while you fall asleep.

WILD is like the black hole of lucid dreaming. Many new members come in here all exited and say they will try to WILD tonight and are never heard from again. :universe:

WILD is definitely not for beginners, it requires some feel for lucid dreaming in general and also a lot of determination, since you have to get over the itching and swallowing issues etc; it may be very reliable and useful once you’ve mastered it, but it’s not an ideal first technique for beginners.

I recommend to start with WBTB instead.

yeah, its up to you, actually if you want to achieve wild then you will, its all inside the head, everybody is different in this side, the way i wild can be different of yours,
actually my first lucid dream was a wild, an accidental wild, but still

Hahah, I have to admit, the best post ever! :grin: :grin:

Thanks everyone for the comments.
After reading these posts and other posts on forums about the subject of WILD I think it is best if I try firstly just to have a lucid dream and raise my self awareness.
I still going to continue trying to WILD but also give the other techniques a shot as well. Im sure I will eventually WILD as im very determined to suceed.

I would start off with MILD or something like that.