What is Polyphasic Sleep?

@ShyPrettyOdd:Thanks for the information! How did you make your first OOB to have experience? Was it fun or was it scary? And how long did it take?

Hello Stefano,
On my strict PPS schedule, while taking my 90 minute nap mid-day I had a dream and woke up to record it ((phone recorder)). I still had about 30 minutes left in the nap so I went back to sleep. About 10 minutes later, I heard voices and felt 4 entities in the room with me. It even felt like one stuck it’s snake-like tongue in my ear. I ignored them due to excitement about what was happening ((I’m lucky enough to not fear SP since I know exactly what it is and I know NOTHING Can hurt me)). After the apparent voices I felt tugging at my feet. Literally I felt myself being pulled from my body. Again I was super excited to say the least. I ended up in some realm and saw a huge dragon. It was so big I could only see ONE of its eyes. The scene felt like I was in a volcano or something. Saying to myself I don’t want to be here, the realm seemed to change and I ended up flying amongst billion of stars. I even touched the stars as I was flying. After that, I ended up in my living room looking at my furniture thinking WOW. Seconds later I was slammed back into my body. I woke up still feeling SP and I even thought I heard someone come into my home ((I have a dog and he barks at everything…so I knew it was my imagination)). Moments later I was able to move and go up slowly. I quickly called my husband shacking with excitement.

I say PPS helped me because I was able to take naps and have more vivid dreams. In the mist of those naps, you can wake up and and let your body fall asleep. Everytime I took my 90 minute naps I always had the intentions of trying to become lucid or to have an OOB experience. The first 10 minutes of my nap I always tried to stay awake…lol even tho 99% I would still fall asleep. No matter the outcome, I always woke up excited about my dreams ((I never had a lucid dream during my PPS )).

Just my input for PPS.

I tried it long time ago, and it took me 1 week to get used to it, and lasted 2 weeks.
The schedule was Realistic Dymaxion.

I stopped because social interactions messed up my naps.

What I can say is : amazing experience !
I could fall asleep in minutes, and wake up automatically after 30min fresh and alert. (it is harder to get up from sleep with biphasic pattern, than from the PPS)
Also, my mind was more “clear”, I don’t know how to express this feeling.

The dreams were more vivid, I have not made lucid dreams though.

Very cool experience, I don’t regret it. But hard to keep because of social obligations.

I tried polyphasic sleep a few years ago and it was really hard. Especially in the first two weeks i looked and went like a zombie. It became better and better after a few weeks but in the end i have to say: It isnt worth the “pain” that you mustnt sleep.